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Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It


Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It

Over the years, the quality of videos we are able to produce has only gotten better. Even though there are millions of video creators out there, there is still much more to learn. A main problem video creators and viewers face, specifically on YouTube, is blurry videos.

Have you ever spent hours upon hours filming a video and editing a video just to go through the entire uploading process for it to come out blurry? Although this may be frustrating, this is a common issue and can be fixed – so don’t worry. 

Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It


YouTube is singlehandedly the most popular video-sharing website out there. But with so many creators filming and uploading videos every single day, there are bound to be some technical errors. One of the main issues people face when uploading a video to YouTube is it plays back blurry.

There is a multitude of different reasons why this can happen. Let’s talk about why your video could be playing back blurry and what you can do to fix it!

Why Uploaded Videos Can Be Blurry

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you initially upload a video, it only uploads in low quality at first. This helps streamline the uploading process and makes it go much faster. Higher-quality versions of your video take longer to upload and may not be available right after uploading.

Some of the reasons your uploaded videos can be blurry include:

  • Slow or unreliable internet connection
  • Low camera quality
  • Video processing during uploading process
  • Low video rendering quality

Let’s dive deeper into how each of these factors can make your video appear blurry and what you can do to fix it.

Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It


Slow or Unreliable Internet Connection

The first reason why your video may appear to be blurry or pixelated is that your internet connection is either slow or unreliable. When you don’t have a reliable internet connection, YouTube will automatically often play your video in the lowest-quality format. This is due to higher-quality versions requiring a higher internet connection to play. 

By clicking on the video resolution tool available on every YouTube video, you can change your preferences to play the video in it’s most high-quality version. However, if your internet connection simply isn’t good enough, you’re likely to experience lots of buffering throughout the video.

If you’re in an area where your internet is not normally an issue, try restarting the router and then restarting the device you’re playing the video on. If there was a gap in the internet connection or your computer was just lagging, this might help your video stop appearing blurry.

Low Camera Quality

Another reason why your YouTube video may appear blurry is if it was filmed on a low quality camera. For example, smart phones are often not compatible with converting and uploading to other platforms, so these videos often play back very blurry and pixelated.

There are tons of camera options out there available to YouTubers varying in price. So if you’re on a budget, there are affordable options as well. When choosing a camera for filming YouTube videos, the main 2 things you want to focus on is that it has high video quality and high video resolution.

Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It


Video Processing During Uploading Process

Like we mentioned above, when you’re uploading a video to YouTube, it only posts the lowest-quality version first. This is due to higher versions taking longer to process and upload. So, you often will not see the highest-quality version of your video for hours after uploading the video.

If you have noticed your video play back blurry, but it’s only been a couple of hours or less since uploading, give your video a day to ensure the highest-quality version is fully uploaded.

Low Video Rendering Quality

If you’ve waited a few hours or a full day after uploading a video and it’s still blurry, it might be due to the video rendering quality being low. This happens when you export your video from your editing software without rendering it correctly.

When rendering your video after the editing process, you should choose the high definition option rather than the standard option. This will ensure your video is exported in it’s highest-quality formet and it won’t appear blurry after it’s uploaded to YouTube.

You also should not render your video at a higher video resolution than you recorded it at. This may make the video appear distorted and blurry as well.

Computer Hardware Issues

Lastly, a reason why your videos may be playing blurry on YouTube is hardware-issues on your computer. To fix this, you’re going to want to access Adobe Flash Player which is what plays YouTube videos on your device.

Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It


By right clicking on the window your video is playing in, you can access the Flash settings feature. When you’re in these settings, try disabling the box labeled “Enable Hardware Acceleration.” Then, reload the YouTube page and try playing the video again.

How Blurry Videos Can Affect Your Views

When it comes to YouTube, there are millions of videos available for viewers to watch, making it more difficult than ever for yours to stand out. 

Something that can immediately make viewers click away from your video is if it’s blurry or pixelated. If you’ve had this problem, it’s a good idea to understand why and fix it moving forward if you want to grow your audience on your channel.

When filming and editing videos, keep the video quality in mind. The quality of your video is one of the most important factors in gaining loyal subscribers that want to keep watching more of your videos.

Low video quality and blurry playback can happen to anyone – even the most popular YouTubers. The good news is that by using our suggestions above, it’s easily fixable once you understand the reason why it’s happening. 

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