Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry + How to Fix It

Why Your YouTube Videos May Be Blurry   

Have you ever spent hours upon hours filming and editing a video just to go through the entire uploading process for it to come out blurry? Although this may be frustrating, this is a common issue and can be fixed, so don’t worry.


Slow or Unreliable Internet Connection

When your internet connection is poor, YouTube will automatically play your video in low-quality. A faster internet connection is needed to play higher-quality versions.

A low-quality camera may also blur your YouTube video. For example, smart phones are often not compatible with converting and uploading to other platforms, so these videos often play back very blurry and pixelated.

Low Camera Quality

Video Processing During Uploading Process

When you’re uploading a video to YouTube, it only posts the lowest-quality version first. This is due to higher versions taking longer to process & upload.

If a video is unclear after a few hours or a day, the rendering quality may be low. Exporting video from editing software without rendering it appropriately causes this.

Low Video Rendering Quality

Computer Hardware Issues

Finally, computer hardware difficulties may cause fuzzy YouTube videos. To fix this, you’re going to want to access Adobe Flash Player, which is what plays YouTube videos on your device.

Blurry or pixelated videos might turn viewers off. If you want to grow your channel audience, understand why you experienced this difficulty and address it.

How Blurry Videos Can Affect Your Views

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