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Best Embossing Machines


8 Best Embossing Machines

Whether you own a crafting business or want to emboss designs on your products for your own personal use, investing in an embossing machine is the first step. You can level up your crafting game by embossing shapes and text on a card, banner, or a sheet of paper using this excellent tool. 

However, to make sure that your customized products turn out exactly the way you visualized, you need to pick a high quality embossing machine. With so many options in the market, this can be a bit tricky, which is why we have put together this list with 8 of the best embossing machines. Let’s dig in!

8 Best Embossing Machines

#1 Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus 

Materials: Card, fabric, felt

Type: Digital

Opening: 9 inch

The Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus is an electric die-cutting machine with a 9-inch opening and a full-width sensor to accommodate cutting pads of various sizes. Weighing just 1 lb, this machine is very compact, so it won’t take up much storage space. The integrated carry handle and non-slip feet make it portable. 

This Sizzix machine uses a metal die cut process rather than an app to create its embossing. However, since it is digital, all you need to do is place a pre-sized template and press a button, and the machine will determine the pressure needed and feed the material. Apart from this automated feed, it also has a one-touch reverse feature

This device is compatible with other Sizzix products. Since it is a starter kit, you also receive a 3D textured impressions embossing folder, cutting pads, 24 detailed thinlits dies, and clear instructions, so it is great for beginners! 

[lasso ref=”sizzix-big-shot-switch-plus-starter-kit-white-electric-die-cutting-embossing-machine-for-arts-crafts-card-making-scrapbooking-papercraft-9-inch-opening” id=”14675″ link_id=”50702″]

#2 Bira Craft Embossing Machine 

Materials: Paper, fabric, card

Type: Manual

Opening: 9 inch

The Bira Craft embossing machine comes with a lifetime warranty and is great for heavy-duty usage. The 9 inch opening makes it easy to work on A4-sized projects. The best feature of this machine, however, is its height adjustment gear system. You can easily adjust the height of the platform according to your project, eliminating confusing cutting mat combinations.

The crank handle has a soft grip and can be taken apart and put together easily. The cutting surface can be folded away and used as a storage box, so the device is portable as well. There is a dial on the side that lets you switch between three modes: 3D emboss, 2D letterpress emboss, and die cut. It also includes a starter kit which will definitely come in handy!

[lasso ref=”bira-9-inch-adjustable-die-cutting-embossing-machine-starter-kit-9-opening-paper-fabric-and-other-materials-starter-kit” id=”14677″ link_id=”50703″]

#3 Gemini GEM-M-GLO 

Materials: Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, Metal

Type: Automatic

Opening: 8.5 inch

The Gemini GEM-M-GLO is one of the best electronic embossing machines out there, and is perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of operating the machine manually. This sleek device has a large cutting platform and is very versatile, allowing you to work with different types of materials. It is also great for edge-to-edge cutting of A4 size materials. 

It is super quick, uses a higher pressure than other embossing machines, and features a pause and reverse button to ensure precise cuts on your projects. Since it is a starter kit, you also get embossing mats, cutting platforms, a multimedia die set, and shims along with the device. 

[lasso ref=”gemini-electric-die-cutting-embossing-machine-with-pause-and-rewind-great-for-scrapbooking-card-making-and-crafting-includes-die-set-large-9-x-12-5-inches” id=”14678″ link_id=”50704″]

#4 Sizzix Big Shot Pro 

Materials: Plastic, Metal, Paper, Quilt, Leather, Craft foam

Type: Manual

Opening: 13 inch

The Sizzix Big Shot Pro is an industrial strength embossing machine that is made using steel, aluminum, and metal alloy. So, it is very durable and is perfect for businesses that need to emboss in bulk. With its 13 inch opening, you can work on bigger projects and a multitude of materials. You can even cut leather with it! 

However, you will have to operate the machine manually. But, the roller is ergonomic and easy to operate, even if you are a beginner. It also has in-built storage to store your extras. The drawback is that it can be bulky and expensive, but that is to be expected from a machine made for professionals. 

[lasso ref=”sizzix-660550-industrial-strength-die-cutting-embossing-machine-for-arts-crafts-scrapbooking-cardmaking-13-opening-big-shot-pro-with-extended-accessories” id=”14679″ link_id=”50705″]

#5 Vevor Leather Cutting Machine 

Materials: Leather, Plastic/ rubber sheet, Foamed PVC

Type: Manual

Opening: 12 inch

If you tend to work with leather, the Vevor machine is your best choice. Constructed using 45# cold drawn steel with a black oxide finish, this embossing machine is sturdy and durable, and is capable of handling hefty leather cutting projects. It has an integrally forged double needle bearing and dual guiding shafts, which allows it to withstand a larger load, making it very reliable. Moreover, the pressure relief PP pads ensure that it can handle pressures up to a ton! You can use it on a variety of tough materials.

[lasso ref=”vevor-leather-cutting-machine-black-manual-leather-embossing-machine-260×150-mm-upper-platen-manual-leathercraft-cutting-machine-for-various-of-materials” id=”14680″ link_id=”50706″]

#6 GeminiJets Twin Function Cutter and Embosser 

Materials: Cardstock, Vinyl, Metal, Paper, Fabric

Type: Automatic

Opening: 6” x 9”

This Gemini Junior may be small, but it packs quite a punch. Being an automatic machine, it is quite easy to operate and works with several types of materials – even multiple layers of fabrics. The best part is that it is super quick and can cut and emboss in just 10 seconds! 

This machine uses a higher pressure than most others, allowing you to make precise edge-to-edge cuts. The pause and reverse functions give you more control over your projects as well. Along with the device, you also get an 11 piece starter kit. This compact embossing machine is well worth the investment!

[lasso ref=”geminijets-twin-function-cutter-embosser-crafters-companion-gemini-junior-jnr-portable-die-cutting-and-embossing-machine-white” id=”14681″ link_id=”50707″]

#7 Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway 

Materials: Card, Paper, Fabric, Vinyl

Type: Manual

Opening: 6 inch

As the name suggests, the Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway has a cutting surface and handle that is capable of being folded away, making it one of the most portable embossing machines. It is also compact enough to fit inside your bag, so you can work on your craft projects even on the go. The foldaway also has built-in storage compartments, so you can store your tools and dies in a safe place. This is perfect for small craft projects. The build quality is not the best, but that is the price you pay for portability. 

[lasso ref=”sizzix-big-shot-foldaway-compact-foldable-manual-die-cutting-embossing-machine-for-arts-crafts-scrapbooking-cardmaking-6-opening” id=”14682″ link_id=”50708″]

#8 We R Memory Keepers Mini Evolution Embossing Machine 

Materials: Paper, Cardstock

Type: Manual

Opening: 3 inch

If you are looking for an affordable embossing machine starter kit for smaller craft projects, look no further. The We R Memory Keepers machine is compact and portable and is best for smaller workspaces. It comes with a suction top to secure the machine to the table to prevent it from moving around while you work. You also get cutting plates, embossing folders, dies, and 50 pieces of cardstock to get you started right away. 

The cutting plates are of good quality and don’t warp, but the downside is that there are no replacement plates available. Since this machine is suitable only for small craft projects, it would be ideal as a companion to a bigger embossing machine. 

With this, we have reached the end of the review for the best embossing machines in the market. Whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist, we hope you found a machine here that works for you.

Before you choose a device, though, make sure that it is compatible with the kind of materials you want to emboss. Some other things to keep in mind– check the size of the cutting plates, the warranty period, and whether replacement accessories are available. 

[lasso ref=”we-r-memory-keepers-0633356616290-tool-mini-evolution-starter-kit-machine-buffer-cutting-plate-embossing-64-piece-white-blue” id=”14683″ link_id=”50709″]
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