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Top 5 SSO Providers For Improved Security And Convenience


Top 5 SSO Providers For Improved Security And Convenience

A single sign-on (SSO) solution efficiently provides companies with secure databases and servers. 

With an SSO, employees can log in to multiple web pages with a single credential key or card.

It can be located on the company’s premises or accessed via the cloud.

SSOs are very useful primarily because they are powerful tools for data security. 

Statistics show that a company’s central database is less likely to be hacked if this security measure is used, as all employees only need to log in once with just one set of credentials.

Using a robust SSO provider is always advisable, especially for large businesses and organizations concerned about the security of their data.

Read the specifications of a good SSO provider before choosing one for your business.

Characteristics of a Good SSO provider

For better security, an SSO with Multi-Factor Authentication (FA) is best because it provides an additional layer of authentication before logging in, which is always beneficial.

Your SSO should have the ability to be customized for each user. It should also have customizable access policies in case you need more access than others.

Customization options are important, as your needs and those of your colleagues will always be different. 

Also, your SSO should be user-friendly and simple. 

A good SSO provides a seamless experience via a good interactive dashboard accessed from anywhere.

Likewise, it should have a simple mobile app that can be downloaded to any mobile device. 

With more than 87 percent of employers expecting their employees to use their phones for remote work, the experience on mobile should be the same as on a computer.

Make sure that the SSO provider you choose should have the necessary integrations, such as Gmail and Microsoft Teams, so your employees are able to log in to different apps every time.

Below are some of the best SSO providers on the market that are robust, functional, and secure.

Top 5 SSO Providers

Okta Identity Cloud

Okta’s SSO service is flexible, easy to use, and offers two-factor authentication for more security. 

With your credentials, you can access your corporate data from any device.

Okta’s multi-factor authentication has adaptive capabilities

For example, to ensure your data can not be hacked, it notifies you when you have a weak password or tells you when a new device has enrolled in the system.

Another notable feature of this SSO is its ability to access and manage API. You can manage all your APIs on a single platform without distributing them across different gateways. This makes auditing and API maintenance more manageable.

Okta Identity Cloud has a great integration feature with Kisi – a cloud-based control and security platform that easily provides physical and digital access to data. This way, you can gain more control over your employees and customize it to your needs.

Authentication features are also numerous, ranging from email, SMS, biometrics, and Apple Touch ID.

Another great thing about this SSO is its excellent support for mobile devices. 

Click here for more details.

OneLogin Unified Access Management

OneLogin is known for its automated identity management software that ensures better security across all networks. 

OneLogin’s multi-factor authentication system is as good and secures as anything else. It protects data from keyloggers, phishing, and credential stuffing.

You also get access to MFA via mobile devices, supported on your Android and iOS devices. 

With OneLogin SSO, employees can log in to the main interface and access third-party apps like Gmail and Slack directly, saving time.

OneLogin also gives administrators a lot of management rights. 

You can manage everything from a single page, give users access to different apps, and customize specific administrator rights and permissions.

Perhaps more than any other SSO provider, OneLogin offers more than 6,000 integrations that you can access with one click from the central dashboard.

Check out more about the SSO provider here.


JumpCloud SSO has SAML integration that supports around 700 business applications and automated user lifecycle management features like Just in Time.

This makes it an excellent SSO provider that will confidently keep your data safe.

The main advantage of this solution is that administrators can virtually access an employer’s Mac, Linux, and Windows systems from IT. 

This can create a more managed work environment and give administrators easy access to all data.

With the premium version, you can manage up to 10 users and systems at a time. 

In addition to SSO, JumpCloud has many additional features such as a cloud directory, multi-factor authentication, and the JumpCloud authentication app for all devices.

Click here to know more about the multiple benefits that the JumpCloud  SSO solution offers.


Idaptive is more suited for smaller organizations and businesses. It has a new cloud system that allows it to support many users at once.

One thing that sets this SSO provider apart from the rest is its HR-integrated platforms, such as UltiPro and SAP SuccessFactors

This not only brings users into Idaptive, but also routes them to SaaS applications, allowing users to leverage cloud-based applications – all the way to the active directory.

In addition, Idaptive offers a lifecycle management add-on that allows users to request access to applications from their supervisors, who can then either approve or deny them.

The fact that it uses a software connector on a local server also means that it can provide integration with users from the active directory and a lightweight directory access protocol.

Finally, to make each login as secure as possible, Idaptive uses an identity management feature. This ensures that only authorized individuals log into your servers and only they have access to your data.

PingOne Cloud Platform

Whether you need an on-premise or a cloud-based solution, PingOne always has the most affordable options. 

Thanks to its IDM, it is ranked as one of the leading identity management platforms on the market.

For managing employees, you can use PingOne’s IDaaS platform. It provides SSO authentication for all your employees and secures your data better.

Moreover, mobile devices can use multi-factor authentication, so your employees can log in securely anytime.

If you are looking for an SSO alternative, you can opt for PingOne’s PingFederate on-site solution. This brings the servers to your premises, where you can manage them in-house.

However, if you are looking for something more advanced besides SSO, choose the PingCloud feature, which offers the compatibility of syncing your data online with added security measures.

The PingOne Cloud platform is your one-stop solution for all your security needs. Once you have it, you can easily use all the essential integrations and security features.

Click here for other details.


It is of utmost importance for companies, organizations, and businesses to take the necessary measures to protect their data. 

Using a good SSO provider is the first step.

Always remember to choose an SSO provider with multiple integrations and user-friendly apps for both desktop and mobile. This will save your employees time and effort when logging in.

The above providers are the best-rated services in the world.

They offer good security, plenty of add-ons, and numerous features to help you better protect your data.For other security equipment like surveillance cameras and more, visit us here.

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