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Creating a Professional Influencer Marketing Media Kit


Creating a Professional Influencer Marketing Media Kit

To stand out, be professional, and ultimately get better deals and sponsorships, you must have a professional influencer media marketing kit. 

Creating a professional marketing kit is a significant differentiator between you and others that a brand is targeting, reaching out to, or looking to hire. 

Creating a Professional Influencer Marketing Media Kit


What is an influencer marketing media kit? 

An influencer media kit works as a proposal an influencer can send out to different hiring managers or brand representatives upon contact or request. 

As Justin Moore explains in this video, a media kit is designed to break down the value a brand can gain from working with you, and what you can bring to the table. Justin and his team at Creator Wizard also give great advice for talented rising influencers on their youtube channel.

As basic as it may seem, having a professionally looking influencer marketing kit can be a game changer, and increase the likelihood of getting a deal. 

Influencers without media kits are often perceived as newbies by brands and companies and sadly looked at as a cheap deal the brand can leverage. 

If you do not know your value, you’re only worth what you get offered. 

Is an influencer media kit important?

Yes, determining your prices and value is one of the most important aspects of leveraging your creativity for income. Having a well-put-together media kit can help you look professional, but is no excuse to charge ridiculous prices. 

While you as an influencer should have a decent understanding of what kind of value you can offer, most brands prefer to deal on negotiation bases instead of media kits. 

Plus, not having set packages and prices of different benefits you offer often inspires a lengthy back-and-forth negotiation process you’re better off avoiding. 

What to include in an influencer marketing Kit? 

Description of your personal brand:

It is important to explain why you do what you do and what your viewers expect from you to help brands and businesses determine whether or not you can help them reach their objectives and goals. 

Packages / offered value 

Creating media packages that limit your buyers’ purchasing powers is a great way to incentivize them to buy more and earn better results through working with you. 

Good examples of media packages include a bundle of different services strategically priced to influence more buying. 


Pricing is the dynamic element of your professional marketing kit. You want your prices to compete with similar influencers, yet offer more value. We say dynamic because your price is bound to change as you grow and build more authority over what you’re offering. 

Prepare to negotiate even with your set prices. Business owners, marketing managers, and brand executives are looking for the best bang for their buck, so consider what you’d cut off your original price when determining what to charge.

Stats and analytics 

In support of the value you claim to offer in your media pack, you will need some stats, graphs, or live projects to back them. 

It can be as easy as attaching a screenshot of the total number of followers and engagement a specific collaboration. Or include links to live projects media buyers can visit and asses. 

Overall this gives the media buyer or marketing manager a better sense of what they’ll get, even though nothing is usually spot-on accurate, it will assist with decision-making on a corporate level. 

Description of your strategy 

A brief explanation of what you’re good at and how you communicate with your followers, viewers, or subscribers, Is the ultimate way to display your marketing knowledge. 

Recommended methods and strategies include inbound marketing and subliminal promotional messages within emotionally appealing content. 

An all-inclusive package to maximize profits

You’ve made a first impression now that you’ve depicted your marketing knowledge and how you’re gonna offer additional value to the brand.

An all-inclusive package is a way to portray your sales skills, and inevitably maximize your profits from each campaign. A good way to do so is to offer all of what you have offered separately in different packages in one single package costing Slightly less than all packages combined.

Ultimately you can add a social proofing package, if you normally have guests or on your page, or do any kind of random interviewing. Social proofing is the process of gaining the public’s confirmation and approval. 

Tools for creating a professional influencer media kit

Creating the perfect influencer media package requires the use of professional editing and creative software. Using the right software to create the ultimate influencer media package can be a game changer. 

Using adobe in-design to enable you to design a unique outlay, instead of settling for a normal word document or PDF editor is the base of the whole project. 

While using different software to create your media package, be consistent with color, font, and font size, following your personal brand guides. 

Adobe In-design – Best PDF Creative App

Adobe in-design, unlike any other PDF editing document, is the easiest way to create an aesthetically pleasing, emotionally evoking influencer media package. 

“One good picture is worth more than a thousand words” as a professor once said, you can use colors, images, and animated elements and Make your personal brand stand out.

Canva – Best free online creative tool

Canva is for the less experienced with creative editing software and offers a range of different pre-made templates and designs you can use for your Influencer marketing media kit.

Canva also offers stock-free photos you can use to personalize your media package and add more of a professional touch. 

Make the template your own and add high-quality photos following your brand guidelines and adding some high-quality photos of previous work, or simply 

Adobe Stock – Best source for templates, elements, and photos

Creating a professional influencer marketing media kit 

Adobe Stock is like a cheat code for creating excellent content although this cheat code costs some money. You can get premade PDF templates, along with anything else from free stock videos to photos on one website. 

Adding photos and visuals will help you communicate your offerings better, and give the purchaser a better idea on what to expect. 

Hire a freelancer to create your influencer media kit

Finally, you can save yourself all the time and effort by hiring an adobe in design creative specialist. All you need to do is simply provide the details And your overall objectives with the document you’re looking to create, along with any brand guidelines or specific colors and fonts you wish to use. 

Freelancers can be found on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and even on Linked in, and are just a posting or message away. While you can work with freelancers from all around to create your influencer media package, you’re better off finding a local freelancer to serve your needs. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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