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How to Join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program


How to Join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program

Meal kits have become increasingly popular over the last few years with the US meal kit industry set to be worth $11.6 billion by the end of 2022. These services are also popular across multiple generations, highlighting their versatility and reach. To maximize its potential in this competitive market, HelloFresh has recruited the help of affiliates and influencers to further promote its brand. Netinfluencer has all the details on how to join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program.

What Is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh was first founded in 2011 and was originally funded by Rocket Internet, a startup company from Germany. In 2012, the company began to expand across Europe but was not considered to be very profitable. 

After gaining a $350 million investment on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2017, HelloFresh became a market leader in the meal kit world. Nowadays, its services reach over 1 billion customers, and the brand managed to earn €60 billion in Net Revenue in 2021.

HelloFresh is also responsible for a range of other meal kit brands such as Green Chef, Every Plate, and YouFoodz. This makes the company the largest meal kit provider in the United States. 

How to Join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program


How Popular Is the Brand?

With over a decade’s worth of experience, it seems that HelloFresh knows how to make its customers happy. In 2021, the brand fulfilled 87.9 million deliveries and more than 100 million orders. 

It also works alongside six different brands, making it a prevalent option in lucrative markets such as Australia, Canada, and Italy. To help cope with this increased demand, HelloFresh now operates 24 fulfillment centers across the world. 

Examples of Influencers Using the Service

Drew Monson

Drew Monson has been producing YouTube videos since he was a preteen, uploading his first video in 2007. In November 2021, Monson collaborated with HelloFresh to help promote the wide range of dishes available. He did this by creating a quirky skit that highlighted the ease of preparation and delectable taste. This creator also added a discount code within this description of the video.

Mike Jeavons

With 139,000 subscribers, Mike Jeavons is best known for his wealth of food content. Previously, he has shown what it is like to only eat one type of food for seven days such as Burger King. Jeavon’s work with HelloFresh allowed him to show his audiences what they would receive in a typical box and how the meals can differ on a daily basis. He also included an affiliate link in his description that allowed his audience to receive a discount on their first order. 

From the Ash

As an accomplished travel vlogger, From the Ash has documented some of the world’s finest dishes for his 3.69K subscribers. This creator showcased the merits of HelloFresh by preparing a meal alongside his partner. From the Ash is also an avid cook so he was able to indicate the freedom that these kits provide. Alongside an affiliate link, this video managed to gain over 81,000 views. 

What Is the HelloFresh Affiliate Program?

The HelloFresh Affiliate Program allows users to earn commission on any of the boxes sold via their own personal referral link. Thus, these subscription boxes can be promoted on a wealth of blogs and social media platforms in order to gain more commission. 

Throughout the signup process, users can also select what type of products and services they would like to promote. For example, affiliates can add their brand’s offers in a variety of HelloFresh Boxes as a way to increase conversions. 

The company also offers a unique influencer program that encourages creators to send off a collaboration request to see if they are a good fit for their brand image. All you have to do is submit a short Google Form and wait for a team member to reach out. 

How to Join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program


What Rewards Are on Offer?

HelloFresh Affiliates will receive a starting commission rate of $10 for any new customer that signs up via a referral link. Plus, active and popular affiliates will also get the chance to earn an array of high-paying bonuses as a way to compensate them for their success. 

Users will also receive a 14-day cookie lifetime and are promised low cancellation rates to ensure that they continue to make money throughout the year. 

How Do I Join?

  1. Complete the HelloFresh Partnership Inquiry Form and select the terms that best suit you.
  2. Once you submit your request, your application will be reviewed by an in-house team member.
  3. If your application is approved, you will then gain access to your own analytics dashboard and a range of key terms to use across your active profiles. 

Benefits of Joining the HelloFresh Affiliate Program

HelloFresh is growing at an exponential rate and shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, this is an ideal affiliate program for those looking for a sustainable way to build an additional revenue stream. With new customers signing up every day, users should not struggle to earn a lot of commission through their referral or discount links. 

Moreover, the cooking and food niche is also extremely popular, especially with Millennials. Data from Google informs us that this demographic watches 30% more food-related content than any other age group. In turn, joining the HelloFresh Affiliate Program is an effective way to tap into this target market and reap the benefits of its increased buying power. 

As this program provides affiliates with a range of meal kits, creators will be more inspired and equipped to make high-quality content. Users do not have to brainstorm any grandiose ideas as they are better off just highlighting the key elements of the service. As a result, this program offers a quick and easy way for affiliates to produce branded content. 

How to Join the HelloFresh Affiliate Program


The HelloFresh Affiliate Program not only indicates the popularity of meal kit services but of the rising impact of content creators. These individuals have managed to promote the brand across an assortment of platforms, leading to more success for the company and for the creators themselves. 

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