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All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program


All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program

Data from We Are Social indicates that 41% of consumers are more likely to discover new brands and product lines from social media ads. This showcases the positive impact that social media marketing can have on the growing nature of the beauty industry. With many cosmetic brands looking to replicate the benefits of this success, Netinfluencer discusses everything you need to know about Avon’s Affiliate Program. 

What Is Avon?

Avon is an Anglo-American cosmetic company that diversifies itself from its competitors by selling its products directly to consumers. Thus, these products cannot be found in traditional brick-and-mortar stores and can only be purchased via a certified Avon representative. 

This brand was first established in 1886 by David H. McConnel, who sold his handcrafted fragrances using a group of saleswomen that he referred to as the Representatives. Avon’s business model still remains the same, now recruiting over 6 million Representatives worldwide. 

The company also focuses on empowering women, particularly by offering them flexible working conditions so that they can balance their professional commitments alongside childcare and home maintenance. 

All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program


Is the Brand Popular?

Avon has managed to uphold its powerhouse reputation for well over 100 years and even boasts of selling four branded lipsticks every four seconds. Furthermore, it was the first brand to begin using Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), making it a pioneer in the anti-aging market.

The brand also has also been a Fortune 500 company since the list was first composed. This has helped it to receive 90% brand recognition in a plethora of major markets. Avon also uses its global reach to conduct a range of CSR initiatives such as the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

In 2020, Avon joined the Natura & Co family, a collection of businesses that work towards a focus-led purpose within the beauty industry. Therefore, it now works with other thought leaders such as The Body Shop and Aesop.

All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program


What Is the Avon Affiliate Program?

In a similar vein to the Representatives, the Avon Affiliate Program allows users to promote the brand across a wide variety of platforms and receive a commission as a result. Affiliates will also receive a collection of analytics data to help them track their progress and set new goals.

Users are also provided with a selection of HTML Banners and SmartLinks to ensure that they can effortlessly promote the brand on their own personal website or social media profiles. In order to adhere to the company’s strict brand image, affiliates must not link products to any illegal or inappropriate sites. 

How Do I Join?

  1. Sign up for the AWIN Affiliate Marketing Platform.
  2. Select Avon as your desired merchant.
  3. Submit your application and wait for it to be approved.
  4. Once you have been successfully approved, you can start tracking your analytics and implementing links to your active channels.

What Rewards Are on Offer?

Avon Affiliates are promised up to 10% commission per sale, a rate which applies to all of the brand’s products. Moreover, these users also receive everyday free shipping on orders of $40 or more. Thus, this incentivizes those who are also active customers of Avon.

Each affiliate will gain sneak previews of upcoming products as well as an assortment of industry newsletters. This is to aid users in their knowledge of the brand and ensures that they are continuously following its guidelines. 

The HTML Banners and other branded content are updated frequently to help affiliates promote Avon’s latest product launches and make sure that new customers have access to working links. Users will also receive a collection of free products to help them test out the range for themselves.

All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program


Benefits of Joining the Avon Affiliate Program

The Avon Affiliate Program allows users to break into the lucrative world of beauty, whilst also being supported by one of the world’s most iconic brands. Although many cosmetic companies offer affiliate programs, Avon is the only one that lets affiliates communicate directly with the consumer. This is beneficial for those who have managed to build a large and devoted following on social media and still want to remain authentic whilst promoting branded content. 

The high commission rate also makes this program an attractive option for budding affiliates. Thus, affiliates are more likely to feel a sense of pride in their work as they are able to build up a large stream of revenue through their continuous work and promotion. As such, this helps Avon to become competitive within the cosmetics industry, whilst still operating in a nuanced business model.

Avon also offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories, making it an ideal affiliate program for fashion influencers. Therefore, this program is able to cater to a diverse selection of creators who wish to promote products that best suit the needs of their followers. In turn, this program could help plus-sized models and alternative clothing influencers gain a collection of monetary benefits. 

All the Details About Avon’s Affiliate Program


Avon’s Affiliate Program is just one of many that can be found throughout the beauty industry. However, it manages to stand out from the crowd by offering content creators a large commission rate and the ability to work alongside one of the most pioneering brands in the cosmetics industry. 

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