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All About the Lulus Influencer Program


What Is Lulus Influencer Program

Lulus works with top fashion influencers of all body types and backgrounds. The brand has a strong presence on most of the major social media platforms. Here, NetInfluencer dives into all the details on how to become an affiliate and shares some inspiration from the brand’s top influencers.

Have you ever wondered how to become a part of the Lulus Influencer Program? Here, NetInfluencer dives into all the details on how to get started and shares some inspiration from the brand’s top influencers.

Lulus started as a small brick-and-mortar vintage shop in Northern California. The brand sold the store in 2008 when it decided to go fully digital. In 2021, Lulus became a publicly-traded company. The Lulus Influencer Program was first launched in 2010, which is also when the brand started using its famous hashtag, #lovelulus.

All About the Lulus Influencer Program

Who Are the Lulus Influencers, and What Do They Do?

Lulus works with top fashion influencers of all body types and backgrounds. The brand has a strong presence on most of the major social media platforms. On the Lulus Instagram page, you can find stylish photos of influencers showing off evening gowns, like this one of Shreya (@theluxurybelle). 

Heading out on the town? Here, Lulus showcases Ally Haki (@ilyansaqer) stepping out.

In addition to a robust line of formal and party wear, Lulus also has more casual pieces for daytime wear. Here, Jaz (@hijsmn) models a matching set.

What Are the Lulus Influencer Requirements?

Lulus has two different brand partnerships: their affiliate program and their brand ambassador program. The main difference between the two is that brand ambassadors receive free clothing and affiliates do not. However, both partnerships offer the opportunity to earn affiliate commission.

To start an application for the Lulus affiliate program, head to the Lulus website. You can access the application through the Our Story link at the bottom of the page. The application is fairly straightforward. You’ll need to enter your contact information, as well as details about your niche and social media accounts. The application also requests payment information so you can receive your affiliate commission.

There is no application to become a Lulus brand ambassador. A representative from Lulus reaches out to targeted influencers and extends the invitation. According to a current Lulus Brand Ambassador, you must have at least 100 posts and 1,500 followers.

How to Promote Lulus Products as an Influencer and Make Money

All About the Lulus Influencer Program

Through the affiliate program, Lulus influencers can earn a 7% commission on all sales originating from their affiliate links. The brand mentions it has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry, with average sales of at least $50.  

Lulus has a sizable social media presence, with social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The brand regularly features and reposts content from their influence partners. Some of the most popular fashion content today include get-ready-with-me videos, this-or-that videos, and try-ons for specific events and holidays. 

How Influencers Promote Lulus on TikTok

Perfect for short-form fashion content, TikTok is one of the most popular places for Lulus brand ambassadors to show off their outfits. Here, Lyssie LooLoo gets ready for a date and models several evening dresses. She also offers tips on how to style each dress with makeup and accessories.

@lyssielooloo All these are from my favorite @Lulus… thee literal best place for any dress you need! link in bio to shop! #l#luluspartner ♬ original sound – Concretecrotchkiss

Lulus partner Talitha Jane takes her audience along with her as she chooses an outfit to go out to dinner. She models two different styles, each with their own unique features. The first outfit is a chic two-piece set with a skirt and matching top. The second is a black mini dress that she pairs with thigh-high boots.

@talithaajane #luluspartner help me pick my @Lulus outfit! Links to these items in my bio #lovelulus ♬ original sound – Talitha Jane

Curvy influencer Liz Maldonado’s video on affordable fall fashion features several pieces from Lulus. She includes both casual looks and outfits for a night out on the town. Liz styles a cozy, fuzzy jacket with a pair of jeans and shows off a form-fitting dress and two-piece set. 

@liz.maldonado220 Affordable curvy Fall outfit inspo #luluspartner 🤍 I’m wearing size XL in all my @Lulus pieces! P.S. the set is also from Lulus #curvyfallootd ♬ Overrated – The Foxies

How Influencers Promote Lulus on Instagram

Instagram Reels have been taking the platform by storm, especially when it comes to fashion and brand partnerships. Here, Lulus partner Hope LaVine gets creative and creates a clone of herself to show twice as many wedding guest dresses. She also breaks the choices down by color. 

If you’ve been wondering what to wear to your next special occasion or outing, Savanna O’Neal has you covered. In a recent Reel, Savannah showcases several Lulus outfits. She provides examples of what to wear to a girl’s night out, cocktail party, lunch date, and pajama party.

Like Hope did above, Lulus partner Vanessa (@vivacious.honey) created a virtual twin to help her show off the latest fashion trends  models outfits to help you get ready. She focuses on different clothing materials and poses the question “this or that” to her viewers. Materials include velvet, sequins, feathers, and satin.

How Influencers Promote Lulus on Youtube

Over on YouTube, fashion influencers have the chance to showcase their brand partnerships through longer-form content. Here, Lulus partner Beautifully Syndie shows her audience how to transition from summer to fall in some of the brand’s most stylish pieces. She also includes links to buy each of the items in the description.

In her “How To Dress Better This Fall” video, fashion vlogger Anna Reid features clothing from Lulus. Anna provides easy-to-follow advice on how to look stylish with a few key tweaks. She also briefly talks about Lulus and why she loves the brand. The pieces she uses include dresses, separates, and jackets. 

In one of her fall vlogs, Lulus partner Michelle Reed walks through her “fall haul” from the brand. In addition to trying on each piece and building unique outfits, Michelle shows a photo where she wore a Lulus dress to a wedding. Sizing info and links to products are also included in her description.


If you’re an influencer who loves trendy, affordable fashion, Lulus could be a great brand partner for you. Their affiliate program offers a generous commission with high conversion rates. To learn more about working with Lulus, click here

All About the Lulus Influencer Program
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