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All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program


All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program

As the influencer marketing industry continues to see incredible levels of growth, many global brands are producing their own influencer programs as a way to benefit from this success. The Body Shop is an immensely popular brand, operating around 3000 stores in 69 countries. To discover more about its prosperity, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about The Body Shop’s Influencer Program. 

The History of The Body Shop

Founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick, The Body Shop began its life as a small skincare business that aimed to shine a light on sustainability. By the 1980s, it was considered a staple of the high street and began opening stores on a global scale.

This establishment prides itself on its natural ingredients and vast product range, appealing mostly to the ever-growing cruelty-free movement. Nowadays, The Body Shop reaches around 30 million customers worldwide and employs around 10,000 people. 

All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program


How Successful Is the Brand?

Alongside its impressive growth, The Body Shop is also considered to be a pioneer in natural skincare. In 2019, it was awarded a B Corp certification, meaning it has been recognized for its positive CSR initiatives and environmental performance.

The Body Shop is now a part of The Natura & Co Family, the fourth-largest beauty group in the world. Together with other retail giants such as Aesop and Avon, The Body Shop is working to promote better ethical practices within the mainstream beauty industry. 

What Is The Body Shop Collective?

The Body Shop Collective is the brand’s influencer program, a platform that looks to work alongside some of the most popular content creators as a way to boost the brand’s profile across the world. 

This program allows influencers to produce product-led content, encouraging their audience to drive organic traffic to The Body Shop’s site. Influencers will also gain educational resources to ensure that they are promoting correct activism at all times. 

In the past, the brand has recruited influencers such as Ariel Winter and Adrien Grenier to promote it’s Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. This initiative was a huge success and allowed The Body Shop to win a Shorty Award in 2017. 

All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program


What Rewards Are Available?

The Body Shop Collective offers a wealth of benefits, ensuring that influencers can earn an additional revenue stream with ease. Financially, influencers have the chance to earn up to 12% commission on sales as well as a range of other affiliate offers. 

This program also offers creators a dedicated support team, meaning that they can remain on track and informed at all times. They will also receive an exclusive collection of optimized landing pages which can be used on a collection of mobile devices. 

Influencers will also gain access to exclusive events and news to help them learn more about environmental activism as well as how the business is constantly growing its plethora of ethical manufacturing procedures. 

All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program


How Do I Join?

In order to join The Body Shop Collective, influencers must apply through the official site. Users will then be asked to make an account which they can then use to access the rewards in the future. 

Influencers are required to fill out a short form, detailing their personal information, as well as more context about their work as an influencer. They will then have to link their most active platforms for the brand to review.

Approved influencers will then get a confirmation email that goes into more depth about the program and its expectations. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Body Shop is quite strict about the influencers it chooses to work with, as it is vital that they adhere to the strong values of the brand. Moreover, influencers are required to follow various marketing practices to ensure that every influencer is promoting the products adequately.

This includes spelling the brand’s name in a title case format as well as not promoting the product range of any inappropriate sites. Influencers must also use the registered trademark symbol throughout their written copy to ensure they are complying with various trade laws. 

How Does This Program Support Affiliates?

The Body Shop also provides a separate program for affiliate marketers. To access this platform, users must first apply to the AWIN Affiliate Network and select the ‘Content Creators & Influencers’ option. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a verification code to help you access the wide range of benefits.

Alongside an 8% commission rate, affiliates will also receive an assortment of branded material that they can implement across a variety of platforms. You will also earn monthly discount codes to further compensate you for your work.

Benefits of Joining the Body Shop Collective

The Body Shop Collective is an ideal influencer program for beauty creators who are also looking to promote a more ethical stance within the cosmetic industry. As part of this program, you can educate your audience on an array of topics and showcase how the product can be used on a number of skin types. As a result, you can show your expertise as a thought leader as well as an environmental activist. 

This program also offers a large number of monetary benefits, helping to increase your earnings as a content creator. The high rate of commission enables influencers to reap the benefits of their hard work, encouraging them to remain motivated. Furthermore, The Body Shop Collective also allows influencers to learn more about how the business operates globally, giving them more experience for future brand partnerships. 

Both influencers and affiliates can benefit from The Body Shop Collective, making it a very versatile program. In turn, content creators can still earn money from the products they sell, even if they are not active on traditional social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. As such, this program has the potential to benefit a whole host of creators such as bloggers and brand ambassadors

All the Details About The Body Shop’s Influencer Program


The Body Shop’s Influencer program highlights the prevalence that content creators have in a wide variety of industries. These figures can help to increase brand exposure on a vast scale, ensuring that your business remains competitive and dynamic within its respective market. 

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