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Everything You Need To Know About The TJMaxx Influencer Program


Everything You Need To Know About The TJMaxx Influencer Program

Are you a fashion influencer or a budget-friendly content creator? If so, then the TJMaxx affiliate program will be a great fit for you. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at everything you need to know about joining the TJMaxx influencer program, and what steps you need to take to get started.

Everything You Need To Know About The TJMaxx Influencer Program

What is TJMaxx?

TJ Maxx is an American apparel and home goods company. The holding company TJX Companies is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. With 696 stores operating in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria, and the Netherlands, as of May 2020. 

To avoid confusion outside of the USA and North America, the company would decide to change its name use from TJ MAXX to TK Maxx, due to the competitor’s retail chain owned by T. J. Hughes

In Farmington, MA back in 1976, TJ Maxx was founded by none other than Bernard Cammarata along with the Zayre chain which dealt in developing discounted department stores. Having attempted and failed to purchase Marshalls, Zayre actually ended up hiring, the ex-head of merchandising Bernard Cammarata, in order to compete with the retail store. 

This move proved to be so successful that the namesake Zayre, ended up selling to Ames, which was another competitor, in Q3 1988. Then in December of that same year, the company would shift and announced they were changing their company name to TJX Companies INC. Eventually, the company would accomplish its previous failed attempt and purchase Marshalls in ‘95.

The two stores have pretty much the same layout operate in similar fashion and have all the same brands, except Marshalls adds more designer brands to their inventory.

Marshalls has a more upmarket aesthetic and they sell high-end accessories like designer handbags and jewelry. These features are showcased in their high-volume stores that have a special department for such designer items called “The Runway”.

Everything You Need To Know About The TJMaxx Influencer Program

Who are the TJMaxx influencers, and what do they do?

The TJMaxx influencer program is technically open to everyone, but the brand does like to work with creators within the following industries.

Fashion Creators

Because TJMaxx is well known for carrying a wide range of clothing and accessories from different brands, fashion creators are their first choice.

In the past, they’ve partnered with different content creators within this niche to do “come shopping with me” style videos or simple “TJMaxx finds” for different types of clothing and outfit inspo.

If you’re a lifestyle or fashion influencer then you most definitely fit the bill and should apply to the program today. 

Money Saving Creators

If you’re a social media influencer who creates content related to being thrifty and saving money then the TJMaxx affiliate program might be perfect for you. 

This is because the brand offers highlighted discounted products in all their stores and if you’re trying to influence people via social media to think and act smart with their money then offering TJMaxx as a solution is a great option for your type of content. 

Mums and Family Creators

Lastly, the brand likes to partner with momfluencers. This is because moms can tick multiple boxes with their content. On one side, they can still be fashionistas and post beautiful lifestyle pics while at the same time trying to save money where they can. 

Family content creators also offer insight into what they are purchasing for their children, and the kid’s market is a big part of TJMaxx’s product offering making it an appealing collaboration for all parties involved.

Some of the content you can post as a momfluencer to promote TJMaxx could be:

  • Birthday shopping for little ones
  • Discounted items for back to school
  • Christmas decoration shopping and styling
  • Come shopping with me at TJMaxx style videos
  • TJMaxx finds

What are the TJMaxx influencer requirements?

TJMaxx has one simple goal, and that is to sell fashion and accessory brands that people love at 60% below conventional retail store prices. 

The TJMaxx affiliate program is a great fit for you if you fit into one of the niches we mentioned above. You can promote TJMaxx products on your website, social media, and blog to drive your audience to a link where they can either shop for a specific product you’re recommending or find their own deals themselves. 

There really is something for everyone, seeing as the company stocks everything from handbags to home decor, and any type of apparel you can think of. Their main target demographic is definitely families who are trying to stick to a budget while at the same time wanting to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

The benefit of partnering with TJMaxx is that they add new products to their inventory daily, which means you’ll never run out of content and commission-earning opportunities. 

Here are some of the perks:

  • 4% commission per completed sale
  • 30 days cookie period

Based on our research, you can sign up for the TJMaxx affiliate program via FlexOffers.

How to promote TJMaxx products as an influencer and make money

Let’s take a look at some examples from content creators who are promoting TJMaxx.

How Influencers Promote TJMaxx on Tik Tok

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, and there really is no other platform better suited to short-form daily vlogs and shopping trips.

Here we’ve got Taylor Nelson, a self-proclaimed shopaholic with a whopping 165,000 followers on TikTok.

The majority of her content is shopping-related, where she shares with her followers her most recent finds, hauls, and shopping trips.

In her TJMaxx video, she shares with her audience that she’s finally been able to seal the deal and get a brand sponsorship from the brand. She decides to pair her announcement with a vlog-style shopping trip where she can be seen venturing into her closest TJMaxx and sharing some handbag finds.

Next up we’ve got Raven from beautymavenraven a New York City-based influencer with 50,000 plus followers on TikTok.

Raven is a makeup artist, therefore, it makes sense that the type of content she shares on her accounts is daily makeup tips, tutorials, and product reviews.

In her recent reel, she can be seen sharing a vlog-style video of her going shopping at TJMaxx where she showcases tons of product finds, most of which are beauty or makeup related.

Lastly, we’ve got Jacquelyn Fricke who runs the theshoppingbestie account which according to the bio is “Your budget-friendly bestie who finds dupes, clothing, and lifestyle needs 🛍”

With over 168,000 followers, Jacquelyn is producing content that people want to see!

In this video, Jacquelyn states that she drove half an hour to reach this specific TJMaxx store which is known for being more bougie than others. She goes on to say that she wasn’t left disappointed, as she was able to find high-end brand products with massive discounts, such as Rag and Bone jeans, Jimmy Choo fragrances, and Gucci shoes.


✨Versace✨ I legit drove 30 minutes to get to this one and came out victorious!! #tjmaxxhaul #tjmaxxfinds #budgetfriendly #shoppinghaul #luxury

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

How Influencers Promote TJMaxx on Instagram

First up for our Instagram roundup is leahjanae an Iowa-based influencer with 45,000 followers on IG alone. She creates content about makeup, fragrance, and lifestyle – with her main focus being beauty. 

In Leah’s trending reel, she decided to share a “come shopping with me” style video where she visits TJMaxx. In the video, she can be seen sharing amazing beauty finds for the store with her audience and doing a brief price comparison. 

Next up is pennycav, not your typical influencer as the account is that of a couple of doggies. Penny and Pippin the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are influencers in the dog lovers community, with a massive following of over 22,000 followers on Instagram. 

In their TJMaxx reel, one of the dogs can be seen sitting in the shopping cart snoozing while in the pet aisle at TJMaxx. 

Lastly, for our Instagram example section, we’ve got none other than nancy_loves2shop. Nancy is an Orange County-based influencer with close to 50,000 followers on Instagram. 

On her account, she shares her shopping finds with her audience and most of her reels are “come shop with me” style or “fun finds at X retail store”. 

In her recent TJMaxx reel, she can be seen sharing a fun Valentine’s cardigan that she found at her closest TJMaxx store. 

How Influencers Promote TJMaxx on Youtube

Youtube, the home of long-form shopping hauls is a great place to share TJMaxx-related content. Let’s take a look at some haul examples:

First up, there’s juicyjas who we’ve featured before in our Ulta Beauty affiliate program article. 

In her video, she takes her audience along for the ride while she takes a trip to her closest TJMaxx store. She discusses certain products she finds with her followers, such as affordable skincare, makeup, and more.

Next up we’ve got Laura Lee, a YouTuber, business owner, and co-host of the popular podcast Fool Coverage! Laura has over 4 million followers and her primary focus is make-up, lifestyle, and fashion.

In her video, she shares a “no-budget” shopping trip to TJMaxx where she takes her audience shopping by filming in a vlog style. She stops and highlights many different products while in the store, their discounts, and other features.

Lastly, we’ve got Paige Koren a 24-year-old influencer that lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Her Youtube channel consists mainly of beauty videos and vlogs. Paige currently has over 141,000 subscribers on her channel.

In a similar style to the videos mentioned above, Paige takes her audience on a shopping trip at TJMaxx. The video is filmed in a vlog style.


The TJMaxx affiliate program is an ideal option for content creators within the fashion, lifestyle, family, and money-saving tips niches who are looking for a new source of passive income or another affiliate program to add to their repertoire.

If this sounds like you, then make sure to follow the steps we’ve outlined in this article in order to get started promoting TJMaxx goodies and earning commissions today.

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