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Discover The Best Questions For Your Youtube Video - Engaging Content Ideas


Discover The Best Questions For Your Youtube Video – Engaging Content Ideas

Why are questions essential in youtube videos? 

Questions, emotional exaggeration, and well-thought-out scripted acting are great ways to elaborate upon your message and communicate your idea. 

Recent live stream TikToks, twitch streamers, and more proved that asking even the most basic and unengaging questions works, but that is not what we’re aiming for in this article. 

To produce epic content you must assume all your viewers are intellectual and rational. Questions are usually a good addition to your content, but overdoing them could kill the whole purpose. 

As a best practice for short-form content, we recommend opening with a question the second-best intro after shocking news. 

How to make your videos engaging?

Your video’s structure can be divided into different segments each holding exceptional significance and making the overall video flow flawlessly. These segments are broken down to editing, tone, and engaging language. In the video, Nick Nimmin explains the importance of each. 

Asking the right questions at the right time using a suitable tone adds to the depth of your message, and most importantly encourages analysis and thought. Therefore even those who listen to only reply will take the time to process your message or idea when you ask good questions. 

Even outside of the content creation world, people listen to you for two main reasons, either to reply or to acknowledge. 

While the majority of the overall performance of your continent relies on communication skills, such as tone, voice, questions, and delivery, there are other elements you can tweak to make epic content. 

Aside from these in-depth elements of your video, you must strive to be relevant and concise in your messages. Here are some of the most crucial elements to building reach and engagement on Youtube.

Choose Optimized Titles 

Optimizing your titles can be a game-changer. Just like anything else on the web, Youtube Videos are bound to get more views and visits when optimized to be found. 

Tools such as answer the Public, Ubersugest, and more give good insights into what is currently being searched and how popular a topic is. Additionally, some tools will give great examples of previous content that did great and you can work to make a better version. 

Look-up Trends and Searches 

Using Google Trends and analyzing the recommendation and trending page of Youtube is one of the best ways to guarantee a large audience or viewership. 

If the content you produce is of quality, curating to trends can be considered a life hack, and an effective growth tool. Give people what they want, and not what you think they want.

Use Direct speech and personalized language 

Speaking directly to your audience, and personalizing their listening experience, has more of an impact on viewers and encourages instant engagement. To encourage viewers to lock in and remember what you said, you must direct your speech to them and use points and stories they find relevant. 

Even aside from the video and content creation world, using personalized words is one of the main elements of any marketing campaign. In the video Jordan Peterson, explain what it takes to communicate an Idea. 

Spark some controversy 

Nothing draws attention like a few controversial statements. Controversy in video content is a balance of both agreeableness and objection. 

You can’t go all the way and say something every one of your viewers will disagree on. It does not make sense to do so. Instead, try things that everyone is on the fence about. 

Some creators incorporate relevant memes and recent trending topics in their videos to add this element, while others are bold enough to address each controversial topic separately, usually getting them more reach. 

Ask the right questions 

Sparking engagement is one of the many advantages of question asking, but making viewers think should be your main objective. A video, Idea, post, or even tweet, is only memorable if you take the time to think about it and process it in your mind. 

When asking a question worth thinking about you are embedding the idea, message, product, or service in the minds of viewers, if it is interesting enough to them they will not forget it, and start to subscribe and engage with your content. 

Examples of questions to ask in Youtube videos 

When was the last time? 

Opening with this statement will instantly grab the viewer’s attention triggering their consciousness to think about their last time doing something specific. 

If this opening is not captivating enough to address what you want, you can always use it mid-video as a transition, or expression of sarcasm. Using this broad question in the middle of your video will help viewers relate and interact with your message or opinion.

Who else feels like this? 

Most times, integrating the word feeling and feels into your messages can add a significant difference to the way people relate to, and consume your content. 

No matter what emotion you trigger, your video content is aimless if it doesn’t trigger any emotional feedback, or encourage consideration and thought. 

What do you think?

This question is a good thought activation question that motivates viewers to tap into their emotions and conclude how your vlog or video made them feel. 

Just as beneficial for increasing engagement, this question will lead to multiple supporting and objecting opinions on what you offer. Even if you know the viewer will not agree with what you said wrapping up a video with this question is sure to add value and encourage memorability. 

How do you feel about this?

Another activation question that plays on, and encourages emotional interference with the viewer’s thought process. “How do you feel” is the perfect question to throw in mid-vlog or video to activate thinking. 

As much as this question is beneficial for engagement and sparking conversation, it is also by far one of the best emotionally influencing questions. How do you feel about this question?

(Bonus Question) If you have any questions about this comment below

A perfect wrap-up to almost any video, asking viewers to ask you questions is a perfect way to make them think of anything they’ve ever wanted to know about you are what you do. 

Different thoughts have crossed viewers’ minds while watching your videos, and asking them to internally re-evaluate their thoughts helps you build engagement, and generate more ideas for your next video. 

Ultimately, there are many ways to spark engagement with viewers, and one of the easiest methods is asking the right questions. Questions can be used to play on emotions, increase focus, and encourage engagement, but all rely on how and when it is said. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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