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The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz


The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz

With many businesses looking to increase their engagement on social media and with their audience, the concept of a creator economy has become increasingly prevalent. Influencers are now leading a series of profitable campaigns with some of the world’s most iconic brands, leaving many corporations eager to learn more. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will describe the key findings from Humanz’s The Creator Economy in 2022 report.

Who Conducted the Survey?

Humanz is an influencer marketing platform that harvests the power of AI to offer a more comprehensive look into the workings of the creator economy. It aims to pair businesses with a collection of motivated creators to ensure that they are gaining the highest ROI possible for their campaigns. 

The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz

The platform also provides real-time sales data and fraud protection to ensure that a company’s campaign is not negatively affected by disappointing trends in the market or by fake profiles. 

Survey Methodology

The Creator Economy in 2022 report pulls upon a collection of expert data to build a short guide into the practice of working with influencers. Humanz presents data from five main sources including LinkTree and Influencers Club to create an overview of the ever-growing market.

This report also notes how creators can grow from being figures on the internet to accomplished advertisers. In addition, it also shows the journey a creator can take from producing their own content to monetizing at an exponential scale. 

Three Key Takeaways

The Creator Economy in 2022 report offers a collection of useful insights that can help businesses to learn more about the benefits of influencer marketing. Described below are just three important findings from this report. 

  1. 12% of full-time creators earn more than $50,000 per year.
  2. 92% of consumers trust the opinions of influencers over traditional brand advertising. 
  3. Over 28% of marketers see measuring ROI and campaign results as their biggest challenge when conducting a campaign. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding within this report notes how influencers can earn large amounts of income for their work on social media. With 12% of content creators earning the average salary in America, this finding explores how influencer marketing can be a secure and beneficial career for many. Humanz also informs us that nearly 69% of creators see their highest amount of revenue from brand deals. This further emphasizes the profitable nature of influencer marketing and also highlights how brands are willing to work with content creators over producing a traditional advertising campaign. 

The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz

Nearly all of the consumers within this report trust the recommendations of influencers over branded advertising, exemplifying the reliable and credible nature of this type of creator. This statistic indicates a shift in consumer needs, showing us that the average consumer must form a relationship with a brand or product in order for it to seem worthy of purchase. This suggests that consumers are becoming more frugal with their disposable income and are only willing to spend their money if the brand has been endorsed on social media. 

The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz

Finally, the third finding offers us a closer look into how brands are coping with the increased popularity of influencer marketing. With just over 28% of businesses struggling to effectively measure the results of their campaigns, it seems that many brands are still trying to find the best way to judge the performance of an influencer. The report also tells us that 27.4% of brands are struggling to find the right influencer for their campaign. As such, these findings indicate that many businesses are finding it hard to truly reap the benefits of this new type of marketing. 

The Creator Economy in 2022 Report By Humanz

Link to the Report

The Creator Economy in 2022 report can be found on Humanz’s website alongside access to their software as well as other insightful commentaries. 

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