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The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class


The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

Netinfluencer will list the key takeaways from The Rise of the Creator Economy Report by Creative Class. 

As influencers continue to become a key asset to a collection of businesses, many are delving deeper into the creator economy. This nuanced web of content creators and influencers has grown tremendously, amassing a wealth of beneficial opportunities for these individuals.

The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

Who Conducted the Survey?

The Rise of the Creator Economy Report was conducted by Creative Class, a team that offers expert advice to some of the world’s leading businesses. The company was established by Richard Florida as a way to involve a range of leaders, decision-makers, and academics in a selection of urbanization projects. 

Previously, Creative Class have supported institutions such as Microsoft to help them use a wealth of data to extend their productivity and growth in the technology market. 

Survey Methodology

This report relies on an assortment of data sources to give readers a more comprehensive overview of the creator economy. Using over 75 reports, studies, and articles relating to this topic, Creative Class has managed to present a collection of quantitative data. 

In addition, Creative Class also conducted a variety of in-depth interviews with many key figures within this industry such as influencers, researchers, and thought leaders.

Three Key Takeaways

The Rise of the Creator Economy report presents a combination of quantitative and qualitative information, offering a detailed scope of this growing concept. Described below are just three key findings from this report. 

  1. 86% of Americans aged between 13 and 38 would be willing to post sponsored content in exchange for money.
  2. The three major subject areas for creators are entrepreneurship, personal development, and marketing. 
  3. Nearly 60% of Gen Z creators are motivated to produce content as a way to make a difference in the world. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first takeaway showcases that many members of the general public are not put off by influencer marketing and would even consider doing it themselves. This also assumes that many people are intrigued by influencer-generated content and find it to be an effective form of advertising. This statistic also leads us to believe that people are more likely to produce sponsored content for money, rather than other forms of compensation such as a discount code or a selection of free products. 

The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

Creative Class also expresses the three main categories of content for creators, many of which seem to be business oriented. Thus, this shows that many creators are looking to educate their audience on a range of topics, instead of producing work solely for entertainment purposes. This data also suggests that creators see themselves as business leaders and are motivated to share their knowledge and experience with their audiences. 

The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

The final takeaway from this report highlights why influencers are motivated to produce content, particularly within the highly sought-after Gen Z demographic. Creative Class informs us that 58% of Gen Z influencers see their role as an opportunity to make a difference in the world. In contrast, only 48% of Millennials choose this option. This denotes a large shift in generations, showing that Millennials are more likely to operate in the creator economy due to the flexible hours and financial benefits. As such, we can assume that Gen Z is more focused on using their platforms for social change and education, rather than as a way to earn an income. 

The Rise of the Creator Economy Report By Creative Class

Link to the Report

The Rise of the Creator Economy report can be found on Creative Class’ website, along with more information about their work and upcoming events. 

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