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The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report What It Means for Latina Creators


The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

Latina content creators are part of the second fastest-growing minority group in the United States and the group with the highest rate of entrepreneurship of any race. Despite this, two-thirds of Latina influencers feel underrepresented in influencer marketing campaigns. So, why is this? Today, we’re looking at the key findings from SocialPubli’s Latina Influencer 2022 Industry Report to better understand the challenges facing Latina influencers and much more.

SocialPubli is an agency and self-serve platform connecting brands and influencers. Their technology runs automated marketing campaigns across all major social networks. Over the last seven years, they have launched 4,000 campaigns, including campaigns for BMW, Mcdonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Subway. 

SocialPubli has completed studies in many areas of influencer marketing, especially about the influence of TikTok and Latina influencers. Recently, they published the findings of their Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

Why is This Study Important?

Ismael El-Qudsi, the CEO of SocialPubli, shares, “We are always trying to advocate for diverse and inclusive campaigns, and that’s why we thought that instead of only focusing on technology… we want to switch that focus to people, especially Latinas because half of our influencers are from Latin America, so we want to know how is this affecting marketing campaigns in the US.”

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report discovered that 53.4% of Latina influencers do not think they are paid fairly for their work as an influencer. 60.7% also reported that they believe their ethnicity impacts the rates brands offer them.

How Was The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report Conducted?

This study had a total number of 118 Latina influencers respond. Nearly 60% of these respondents are full-time content creators, with 20% earning $50,000 or more from their influencer marketing work. 

The most popular niches among the respondents were the lifestyle niche at 34.2% and the beauty niche at 18.8%. Family and parenting niches followed closely at 17.1%. 

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

37.6% of the respondents had more than five years of experience creating sponsored content for brands, while 33.3% of the respondents had one to three years of experience. Only 13.4% of the surveyed content creators had less than a year of experience working with brands. 

The Biggest Challenges Latina Content Creators Are Facing

Underrepresentation is one of the biggest challenges Latina content creators are facing. 

68.6% of Latina creators feel that the Hispanic community is not fairly represented in influencer marketing campaigns. This is a staggering number considering that Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing multicultural group in America. 

Ismael notes, “If you choose a hundred influencers for a campaign. They [Latina creators] should be maybe 20 to 30 Latina participants, and there are sometimes only three or four. So, they really feel that they have a lot of audience and a lot of buyer prescription, but they don’t feel well represented in marketing campaigns.”

He adds, “The Latina population is growing a lot, and that influence is rising, but in the content creation space, brands are not considering them yet. To be honest, I don’t know why because their influence in the country is booming.”

Ismael feels that this disconnect may result from traditional media, which featured very few Latinas on TV. This lack of representation may have been inherited by the influencer marketing world. 

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

Another challenge Latina influencers face is finding the right brands to work with for influencer campaigns. 

78.0% of surveyed Latina creators share that the brand must have products or services that are relevant to their audience, and the brand’s values must align with their own. 

98.3 percent of Latina influencers consider a brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when deciding whether to collaborate with them.

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

Many Latina creators are also bilingual. However, influencer campaigns often feature English as the primary language because brands believe they may have more opportunities to market to a wider audience if the campaign is in English. Some campaigns have begun combining English and Spanish, which may be one way that brands can be more inclusive to their Latina audiences and the creators they collaborate with. 

The Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

The influencer marketing industry constantly changes, leaving many creators scrambling to keep up. 

71.2% of Latina influencers feel that the algorithm changes and feed redesigns are a significant challenge for them. Another 63.6% believe that the decline in organic reach and social media engagement online is a serious problem. 

Other significant challenges noted included bots, fraud, and lack of transparency, as well as fair representation and compensation for minorities and brand control over influencers’ content and creative direction during brand campaigns. 

Ismael shares that this desire to keep up can lead creators to jump on newer, popular platforms like TikTok. However, platforms like Instagram still have much better opportunities to earn money. 

He notes, “Instagram is the leader. They send out more money and more campaigns than the other ones (social media platforms).”

The study found that 52.1% of Latina creators also believe the most significant opportunities for brand collaborations within the next six to 12 months are on Instagram. However, many Instagram influencers are developing their followings on TikTok as more industry trends point towards short-form video content. 

The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report: What It Means for Latina Creators

How SocialPubli is Supporting Latina Creators

In addition to gathering invaluable information about the state of the influencer market for Latinas, SocialPubli is continuing to focus on paying Latina creators well. 

Regardless of a creator’s location, SocialPubli offers many payment options, including wire transfer, payment via Paypal, etc. These options allow creators from all over the world to be paid fairly for their work.

Key Takeaways

Many Latina creators feel that brands need to be more inclusive with their marketing campaigns regarding the number of Latinas featured in campaigns and equal opportunities and pay for Latina creators. Brands committed to diversity and inclusion may have more opportunities with Latina creators, too, as 64.4% of survey participants said that diversity and inclusion from brands were a ‘very important differentiating factor when choosing brands to work with.

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