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What Does 'FT' Mean on TikTok A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


What Does ‘FT’ Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

TikTok acronyms and Gen Z slang can be hard to guess and understand sometimes, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the context or joke.

If you scroll through TikTok a lot there is almost no way you didn’t come across the popular acronym FT, a tricky one if you’re not an iPhone user. 

More difficult to guess than other popular acronyms on the apps, FT is an abbreviation used as a short-form way of saying Facetime. 

What Does 'FT' Mean on TikTok? A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


Every apple user loves their Facetime app, and some even use it to “flex” or boast on android users who do not have access to the convenient app. 

What is Facetime? 

Facetime is an iPhone app or IOS app that is used to communicate with other apple users, something android users would not understand. 

The acronym has long existed before even TikTok came around and has been used all over different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even through text. 

Before it was included in online content and different skits, people would text each other a simple “FT?” to see if the other person was free to hop onto a video chat.

How to use FT in a sentence?

While the acronym is used in so many different contexts, you will find it a lot in different short-form videos or in a POV (Point of view) skit another common acronym on TikTok.

Just like the popular acronym POV, FT in videos is usually used to put viewers in place to view things from a different perspective. 

If it is not a direct request to face time with you, then it is probably used in the context of a story to help communicate a relatable situation. 

What Does 'FT' Mean on TikTok? A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


Examples of using FT on TikTok 

  • Pov you’re on FT with your mom 
  • When your GF (girlfriend) doesn’t have FT
  • Random FT be like 
  • When they start taking screenshots on FT

Here are some of the best content creation examples that use “TF” to communicate a specific idea or scenario: 

In this video, the creator plays out what it’s like to be on a Facetime call with someone who screenshots you as you talk, in a short 15-sec video. Very concise and straight to point like all of the best performing TikTok videos this 

While in this example a girl pulls off a prank on her boyfriend pretending to have been muted or line-dropped on the call, as she goes completely silent on him. 


Some of these recent acronyms are easily predictable while some may need a little explanation to understand. That’s why we take the time to simplify things and give some of the most commonly used examples. 

What Does 'FT' Mean on TikTok? A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


When navigating the online world of TikTok or any other social platform it is important to stay relevant and on point with the content you create. Additionally using different acronyms and phrases everyone agrees upon can encourage instant interaction.

However there is nothing worse than using slang and acronyms in places they don’t belong, it comes off as cringy and weird according to Gen Z. So please don’t be the old person trying to be hip and cool by using new slang in unsuitable situations. 

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