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How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers


How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers

Ambassador Programs are an integral asset to the success of influencer marketing as they can allow content creators to become symbols of iconic brands from around the world. The rise of this type of marketing can be seen across a wide range of niches, exemplifying its value in the market. In fact, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if it has been referred to them via social media. But in order to see this type of success, brands must work to build effective programs that can help foster this type of growth. Netinfluencer discusses how to build a suitable brand ambassador program for influencers. 

What Is a Brand Ambassador Program?

A brand ambassador program pulls upon individuals to promote the core message of a brand. These people aim to form long-term relationships with key brands to help promote their products to a wealth of audiences. 

Brand ambassadors also work to achieve certain goals within a business such as driving sales, creating a positive message, or helping them to gain a better social media presence. All of these tasks are completed with tools and resources provided by the brand to help ensure that the ambassador upholds its image and values at all times. 

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers


Types of Brand Ambassadors

Influencer Ambassadors 

Influencers make use of their already established audiences to help businesses access a range of untapped markets. This type of ambassador is usually experienced in videography, creative design, and social media marketing, meaning that they can sell and promote products without much guidance or training. Influencer ambassadors also help to boost brand awareness and make very profitable long-term partners. 

Customer Ambassadors

These ambassadors are key advocates for your brand as they are known to purchase your product or service on a regular basis. Customer Ambassadors are also aware of your branding tactics and are influenced by their power, making them positive role models for other potential buyers. This type of program can help transform your regular customers into salespeople, signifying their power over others like them.  

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers


Industry Expert Ambassadors 

These types of ambassadors are extremely useful if you are operating in a medical or scientific niche such as beauty or healthcare. By recruiting a series of industry experts to promote your brand, you can help support your claims and become more competitive within your respective market. Experts can also offer advice and guidance in other areas such as product development and research. Therefore, these ambassadors can be viewed as very versatile and multi-faceted.

Affiliate Ambassadors

If your business already has an affiliate program, it can be useful to make these individuals an ambassador for your brand. Affiliates can not only increase sales for your business, but they also have the potential to encourage others to join your affiliate program. As such, businesses can increase organic web traffic and awareness by using the same collection of people.

Fan Ambassador 

Fan ambassadors are those who are aware of your brand but have not completed a final purchase yet. This may be because the product is considered a luxury item or because it is still waiting in their online basket. By asking these types of individuals to share your brand, you are encouraging them to complete a transaction and boost your revenue as a result. These ambassadors are usually attracted to discounts and commission opportunities, which can help them to become more vocal about your brand. 

Why Are They So Successful With Influencers?

As more brands are moving towards influencer marketing to boost their presence, content creators are becoming more competitive. With so many influencers to choose from, brands often use more popular influencers to better guarantee a return on their investment. 

Brand ambassador programs can help smaller influencers to become affiliated with iconic brands and become more desirable in their respective niche. These programs also help influencers to earn an additional revenue stream that can financially support them alongside their social media content. 

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers


5 Ways To Build a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Like with any new business venture, it can be tempting to aim high and rush into important decisions. Brand ambassador programs require a strict set of goals and KPIs to help the ambassadors stay on track and become more mindful of their actions. Thus, it is paramount that your business produces a set of guidelines and metrics for individuals to follow. This can be expressed through a Terms and Conditions web page or you can use a third-party platform to host the sign-up page for your program. 

  1. Connect With Desired Influencers

Influencers are often viewed as an ideal asset for brand ambassador programs as they help businesses of any size to enter new and lucrative markets. These creators also boast of very engaged audiences which can also be potential customer bases for a specific brand. To find a suitable influencer, businesses must conduct a range of in-depth influencer outreach practices. It is good practice to research the influencers within your market first and then reach out and tell them more about your program. 

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program to Attract New Influencers


  1. Offer Relevant Rewards and Incentives

As the concept of a side hustle continues to grow in popularity, it is evident that very few people enjoy working for free. Therefore, it is important that you reward your ambassadors accordingly. Businesses can provide financial incentives such as a commission rate or can provide them with access to rewards such as discount codes or sample products. Both options have their own pros and cons but it is vital that you choose an option that best supports your business. 

  1. Provide Training and Support

Although it may seem like a hefty cost to some businesses, training programs can be a real benefit for many ambassadors. These individuals are offering their time and effort to your business so it is important that you supply them with the appropriate resources for success. Businesses are not required to hold expansive events or create lengthy handbooks, just a few short videos will help your ambassadors feel more confident about their role. It can also be beneficial to supply your ambassadors with a point of contact to ensure that they have a source of help at all times. 

  1. Track Performance at Every Stage

If you are planning to recruit a large number of ambassadors, you must record their progress throughout key milestones. For example, try tracking their sales every month and provide them with targets to keep them motivated. This data should also be shared with the ambassador so they can analyze their performance and potentially use the information for future projects. Third-party platforms can supply them with dashboards that present this data and can be accessed at any time. 

Brand ambassador programs are an ideal way to increase awareness and revenue, making them a key tool for any marketer. Influencers can also offer brands access to their audience, which can lead to an increase in customers and market segments. To learn more about the benefits of working with influencers, visit our website

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