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Top Cooking Channels on Youtube


Best Cooking Channels to Follow on YouTube

YouTube has quickly become a prime platform for an assortment of long and short-form content. Cooking channels on YouTube have always been a fan favorite, helping viewers learn more about the best cultural dishes from around the world.

Data suggests that there are more than 1 million food-related channels on YouTube, ensuring that this is a bustling industry. With cooking channels becoming more and more prevalent, Netinfluencer has discovered the most popular cooking influencers on the platform.\

Top Cooking Channels on YouTube To Watch Out For


This cooking channel first launched in 2010 and brings together a set of home cooks and chefs to help create an array of high-class dishes. SORTEDfood comprises Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford, and Barry Taylor, all of which show off their cooking skills in an expansive studio in East London.

The team first began creating parody videos of celebrity chefs including Heston Blumenthal and Sophie Dahl. They quickly developed their own sense of style and started producing videos like Chef vs Normal and Reviewing Tinned Foods to the delight of their 2.57 million subscribers. This collection of cooking influencers has also developed their own app called Sidekick, designed to help their followers create weekly meal plans. 

Sam The Cooking Guy

Sam Zein, better known as Sam The Cooking Guy, is an established chef with a variety of restaurants based in San Diego. Zein created his Youtube channel back in 2011 as a way to share his quick and easy recipes with his 3.25 million subscribers.

Over the years, this cooking influencer has seen a wealth of success, publishing four books and appearing on multiple television shows to promote his work. His YouTube channel is produced alongside his son Max, who gets the best shots of dishes such as deep fried guacamole and waffle grilled cheese. Despite being an acclaimed professional chef in his own right, Zein takes his cooking channel very seriously, posting at least three times a week for his viewers to enjoy. 

Claire Saffitz

Claire Saffitz first captured the hearts of her 923,000 subscribers during her time on Bon Appetit, a channel that coincides with the popular magazine. After leaving that role in 2020, Saffitz started her own cooking channel in order to promote the recipes in her own cookbook, Dessert Person. This cooking influencer sees dessert as a way of life and hosts a range of delicious recipes including confetti cake and banana bread.

With a Master’s Degree in French culinary history from McGill University, Saffitz is well versed in the world of artisan baking. This helps her become both knowledgeable and experienced in her field, something that her fans truly respect. Although her cooking channel is less than two years old, she has managed to accumulate over 42 million views. 

Rosanna Pansino

This cooking channel was once known as Nerdy Nummies, a place where fans could come to replicate recipes from their favorite films and TV shows. Rosanna Pansino puts her incredible cooking skills to the test, creating a varied assortment of recipes for her 13.2 million subscribers to try at home.

Pansino has replicated the honeycomb candy from Squid Game as well as lemon cakes from Game of Thrones. This cooking influencer has also collaborated with an array of other YouTubers including iJustine and CaptainSparklez, helping her to become one of the most popular creators on the platform. In 2021, Rosanna Pansino hosted her own baking show called Baketopia, where contestants battled out to win an incredible $10,000 cash prize. 


Twisted takes traditional home-cooked recipes to the next level, inspiring their 2.12 million subscribers to make the most out of their meals. This cooking channel was first launched in 2016 and has consistently posted an array of simple, yet exciting, recipes. Their popular series, Shelf Life, shows viewers how to make incredible dishes using foods that have a longer than usual shelf life.

This channel has also livestreamed recipes in the past such as their Espresso Martini Donuts, which brought in over 11,000 viewers collectively. Twisted’s hand-on format makes their videos easy to consume and pushes away from the traditional cooking content you would see from other channels.


As a subdivision of Buzzfeed, Tasty knows how to best appeal to its 20.9 million subscribers. Combining a selection of amazing recipes and hilarious challenges, this cooking channel focuses on anything and everything to do with food. Their mixture of videos helps them appeal to a wider audience, such as their YouTube shorts that show viewers how to make dishes like Beef Chow Mein.

Tasty’s long-form content brings in an array of personalities and asks them to complete a range of challenges such as creating recipes that have been translated 20 times. Since 2018, Tasty has been releasing a variety of cookbooks that contain some of their most diverse and awe-inspiring recipes. 

Pro Home Cooks

Hosted by Mike Greenfield, Pro Home Cooks shows how traditional recipes can be amplified in just a few simple steps. This cooking channel was originally hosted by Mike and his brother Josh, but it was rebranded in 2013 as a singular platform just for Mike. Pro Home Cooks embodies the true joy of cooking, producing dishes like white pizza and udon noodles.

Greenfield also teaches his 3.23 million subscribers how to complete basic cooking techniques to ensure that each dish is produced with supreme quality. The Pro Home Cooks website hosts a collection of educational courses, helping its followers learn the basics of making kombucha and sourdough. 

Joshua Weissman

This cooking influencer is known for his relatively short videos that offer a wealth of incredible recipes for his 6.04 million subscribers to enjoy. Joshua Weissman has been creating YouTube videos since 2014 and has amassed over 700 million views. Weissman shows his viewers how easy it can be to replicate fast food dishes at home.

He has recreated dishes such as orange chicken and the Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator in just a few minutes. This cooking influencer has also made an impressive impact on TikTok, earning him an additional 6.2 million followers. Moreover, he has also published a successful cookbook named An Unapologetic Cookbook

Not Another Cooking Show

Not Another Cooking Show is produced by Stephen Cusato, a talented photographer and videographer, who enjoys sharing his love of food with his 817,000 subscribers. Cusato understands that good food is created with passion and care, presenting a range of hearty dishes such as French onion soup and chestnut stuffed pasta.

This cooking influencer also believes that everybody should learn how to cook, making his videos easy to understand and approachable by both novice and expert chefs.  He also uses his skills to create an in-depth Masterclass course, teaching his fans how to make fantastic food and edit spectacular videos. 

Babish Culinary Universe

What started as Binging with Babish in 2006, has now grown into Babish Culinary Universe, one of the most popular cooking channels on YouTube. Andrew Rea has been creating tremendous cooking content for many years, inspiring his 9.55 million subscribers to roll up their sleeves and make a selection of world-class dishes. His flagship series, Binging with Babish presented a host of foods from contemporary popular culture such as Prison Sauce from Goodfellas.

Nowadays, Rea shows his fans how to get back to basics, highlighting how easy it is to make fantastic food from the comfort of your own kitchen. He even has his own range of premium cookware, giving his fans everything you could possibly need to replicate his outstanding recipes. 

Cooking channels on YouTube have a unique ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences, helping these influencers to achieve a prolific status on the platform. As this sector continues to expand, it is exciting to see these cooking influencers experiment with a range of formats and creative processes. To discover more about how YouTube can boost your brand image, visit our website

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