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Jake Paul’s Trip To CVS Sparked The Idea For Launching His New Men’s Care Line

Social media influencer and professional boxer Jake Paul revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that a trip to CVS several years ago inspired him to launch a new affordable men’s personal care brand called “W.”

Paul explained that he was disappointed with the drugstore’s limited selection and outdated marketing of men’s grooming products. “All the options had been the same since I was 8. The shelf space literally hasn’t changed,” he told THR.

This experience made Paul recognize an opportunity to create better, more modern personal care items for a health-conscious generation. W’s initial product lineup, launched Wednesday exclusively at Walmart stores,, and, includes body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant in three scents. Five additional products, such as shampoo, soap, and pomade, will follow.

A key focus for the brand is providing high-quality, vitamin-infused formulas without parabens, sulfates, or dyes at an accessible price point—everything will retail for under $10. The products are manufactured in the United States, which, according to Paul, is a priority for creating American jobs.

“We’ve moved into a health-conscious generation, and people are more aware of what they’re putting in and on their bodies,” Paul told THR. “When you’re putting [personal care products] on every single day, your skin is actually absorbing it.”

The 27-year-old celebrity cited his busy lifestyle of training multiple times per day as another reason he needs effective grooming supplies. “I work out multiple times a day, so I need to be showering multiple times a day as well,” he explained in the interview.

Paul also discussed his affinity for cleanliness and struggle with sweating, revealing, “My body temperature runs super hot, and the same with my brother. I think it’s a genetic thing. My nose is always sweating, and it can be a little bit awkward.” To address this, W’s antiperspirant formula went through rigorous testing to ensure it “really works” according to Paul’s standards.

Beyond the initial personal care range, he has grand expansion plans for W to become a cultural lifestyle brand. Potential new categories mentioned include clothing, accessories, and even household paper products like toilet paper.

“We see this as this cultural brand and something that the audience can connect to on a bigger level beyond just a product; it’s a way of life,” Paul revealed his vision for W to THR.

The brand’s name stands for “win,” and Paul hopes that its marketing will inspire confidence and a “winning spirit” in consumers. “Those are all Ws in my mind,” Paul said, referencing academic, athletic, and altruistic accomplishments.

Walmart quickly bought into Paul’s passion for the concept when he pitched it. “They instantly understood the vision and what it was that I was trying to accomplish,” he told THR about the retailer’s reception.

Jake’s entry into men’s grooming joins his expanding list of business ventures. In addition to his boxing and content creation careers, he is a co-founder of the Anti Fund venture capital firm, which has investments in fintech, crypto, e-commerce, and other sectors.

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