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This Influencer-Founded Tanning Cream Caught Sephora’s Eye

Lux Unfiltered, a beauty brand founded by social media influencer Sivan Ayla, will launch at Sephora in July, Glossy confirmed. The brand began with a single product in 2019 and will introduce its tanning line to on July 2 and in 69 physical stores on July 5.

Ayla, who boasts 511,000 Instagram followers and over 49,000 on TikTok, reports that Sephora initially approached the brand several years ago. However, Lux Unfiltered delayed the partnership to focus on community growth and product development.

The brand’s essential product, the $36 N°32 Original Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream, remains its flagship offering. Lux Unfiltered has since expanded its range to include additional tanning products, color cosmetics, skincare, and body care. However, the Sephora launch will exclusively feature the brand’s tanning SKUs.

Despite the often-skeptical reception of influencer-founded brands, Lux Unfiltered reports consistent growth. According to co-founder Paul Richards, the company experienced 360% growth from 2020-2021 and an additional 30% over the past two years. The brand has been self-funded since its inception.

Sephora’s current self-tanning selection is limited, with only 51 products on its website. Bestselling brands in this category include Isle of Paradise, Tan-Luxe, and St. Tropez.

Ayla told Glossy that Lux Unfiltered was developed to address perceived gaps in the tanning market. The brand emphasizes “clean” formulas, hydrating properties, and luxury scents. It aims to transform self-tanning from a “messy, uncomfortable” process into an enjoyable self-care routine.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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