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How TikTok Is Quietly Becoming The Go-To Platform For 3 Key Travel Categories

TikTok is expanding its functionality to include travel-related services, potentially positioning itself as a competitor to established travel and review sites, The Verge confirmed.

The company has updated its location-tagging system and introduced new landing pages for select cities such as Boston, New York, and Texas. These pages now feature categorized sections for “food & drink,” “hotels,” and “shopping,” populated with relevant user-generated content.

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A new “explore more places” button integrates Apple Maps, displaying businesses tagged in TikTok posts. This feature provides users details, including addresses, price levels, and the number of TikTok tags for each location.

While not yet available for all tagged areas, this update represents a significant shift in TikTok’s approach to location-based content. According to The Verge, the redesigned pages resemble platforms like Yelp or dedicated travel sites more than TikTok’s signature “For You” page.

Many users, particularly younger demographics, already turn to TikTok for local business recommendations and travel inspiration. Some businesses have even begun advertising their “TikTok-famous” status to attract customers. TikTok has not yet commented on when these features were introduced or their plans for further expansion. 

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