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CryptoZoo Controversy Explodes: Why Logan Paul Is Taking Coffeezilla To Court

On Thursday, WWE star and social media influencer Logan Paul filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, known online as Coffeezilla, for defamation. The legal action centers around Coffeezilla’s claims about Paul’s failed blockchain game project, CryptoZoo.

Paul alleges that Findeisen has been spreading false information about the CryptoZoo project for the past two years, characterizing it as a “scam” and accusing Paul of intentionally deceiving his fans. The lawsuit contends that Findeisen had access to text exchanges contradicting his narrative but continued publishing misleading content to increase his channel’s popularity and financial gain.

In the court documents, Paul presents text messages he claims demonstrate his genuine intentions for the project. These messages reportedly show Paul expressing a desire to maintain the game’s integrity and create a legitimate user experience. Paul states that he relied on advisors Eddie Ibanez and Jake Greenbaum, known as “Crypto King,” for significant project development aspects.

The lawsuit reveals that Paul claims to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on CryptoZoo, contrary to allegations that he profited from it. Paul also states that he announced plans to refund users before Coffeezilla’s investigation began. To date, Paul reports having refunded over $1 million to hundreds of NFT purchasers using his own funds. His legal action seeks unspecified damages.

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