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[REPORT] Pinterest Unpacks Gen Z’s Obsession With Trends – How Brands Can Ride The Wave

Pinterest’s recent trends report revealed new research offering insight into Gen Z’s mindset, behaviors, and growing influence on the platform. The data highlights the demographic’s fixation on aesthetics and constantly pursuing new looks and personas to try out.

According to the report, Gen Z makes up over 40% of Pinterest’s global monthly user base, and the demographic is Pinterest’s fastest-growing audience. They are highly engaged, with 30% year-over-year increases in searches and much higher rates of saving pins and creating boards than other age groups.

Pinterest found that Gen Z spends considerable time curating different aesthetics and vibes for all occasions, whether major life events or casual hangouts with friends. They drive early momentum around rising aesthetic trends with searches for terms like “old money aesthetic” and “suburban aesthetic.”

“Finding products that suit their taste and style is their main shopping goal—and 84% of weekly Gen Z Pinners say that they find products that suit their taste on Pinterest,” the report stated. Pinterest’s personalization features, like visual search, help Gen Z home the perfect look.

The report also revealed that 63% of weekly Gen Z Pinterest users say they are “always shopping,” even without immediate purchase plans. Those who use Pinterest weekly are 1.3 times more likely to have made an online purchase in the past week than non-users.

Reflecting Gen Z’s obsession with culture and community, Pinterest sees significant activity around major entertainment and cultural events as users plan outfits, festival camping setups, and poses to capture content. Gen Z is more likely than other generations to use Pinterest for interest-based content like gaming, fan art, and celebrities.

While Gen Z dominates, the report notes that over half of American moms use Pinterest, suggesting an opportunity for brands to market to people shopping for Gen Z recipients. The data outlines several strategies for brands to connect with Gen Z trendsetters, including optimizing pins for search, upstream CTAs, making content shoppable, curating aesthetic-specific product collections, and creating cultural event campaigns. Read the full report here.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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