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Is The Traditional Instagram Feed Dying? CEO Adam Mosseri Drops A Major Hint

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has provided new insight into the factors driving content reach on the platform, potentially signaling a shift away from the traditional feed model.

In a recent interview with Colin and Samir, Mosseri highlighted the importance of video on Instagram, noting that “more than half the amount of time spent on Instagram is video at this point in most countries.” While acknowledging Instagram’s roots in still images, he emphasized the need to meet user demand as it shifts toward video consumption.

Mosseri suggested that Instagram is trying to foster a “participatory, lean-in experience” around video. In this experience, users discover content and share it with friends, sparking conversations. This contrasts with the more passive viewing experiences on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

A key revelation from the interview is the significance Instagram now places on the “sends” metric – the number of times a piece of content is shared privately between users. According to Mosseri, “sends per reach” is currently “one of the most important things” Instagram considers when evaluating content performance.

“If you saw some amazing basil planting video…and you sent that to [a friend], that’s an interesting moment,” Mosseri explained, describing a “flywheel” where private sharing leads to further discovery and engagement.

This emphasis on private sharing aligns with Mosseri’s hypothesis that content shared among friends tends to be “healthier” than posts intended for a broader audience. As Meta aims to improve public discourse on its platforms, prioritizing private shares could elevate less polarizing content.

Mosseri also touched on the role of Instagram’s algorithmic feed, noting that users may only see a few hundred posts per day from accounts they follow. At the same time, “there are hundreds of millions of pieces of content posted today that are from accounts you don’t follow, and a few of those might be really exciting for you.”

This acknowledgment of the vast pool of “unconnected content” suggests Instagram relies on its algorithm to surface engaging posts from accounts users don’t follow.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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