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The Creator Society Co-Founders Larry Shapiro And Madison Luscombe Reveal Their Data-Driven Strategy For Long-Term Success

The Creator Society has emerged as a pioneering force in the creator economy. Co-founded by entertainment industry veteran Larry Shapiro, affiliate marketing expert Madison Luscombe, Sarah Estrada, and Natalie Weaver, this management firm is redefining how creators build and monetize their brands. Launched in late 2023, The Creator Society is not just riding the wave of digital content creation—it’s shaping the tide.

With a data-driven approach and a focus on comprehensive management, Larry and Madison are steering creators beyond traditional brand partnerships into uncharted territories of revenue generation. As they prepare to share their insights at VidCon 2024, The Creator Society is poised to influence the next chapter of the creator economy. Their story is one of innovation, adaptability, and a vision for the future of digital entrepreneurship.

The Creator Society Co-Founders Larry Shapiro And Madison Luscombe Reveal Their Data-Driven Strategy For Long-Term Success

Pouring Their Experiences Into The Creator Society

The co-founders are leveraging their diverse backgrounds to scale their business. Larry, a veteran of the entertainment industry, brings experience from film production, talent agency work, and gaming. Madison contributes expertise in public relations and affiliate marketing.

Larry’s career has consistently focused on emerging talent. “I’ve always been led by working with the next generation of creators,” he says. “I love artists who capture an audience and shape how that audience looks at entertainment.  I work with them to build on that and help them grow into other mediums.”

Madison’s path began with her affiliate marketing agency, 2 Social Co. “We got into the creator economy and loved it,” she explains. “We continued to find new ways to work with creators and have cherished our relationships.”

The duo’s partnership formed serendipitously in early 2022 through a shared client connection. By 2023, they decided to combine forces. “We wanted to bridge into management. We had tons of creators asking for that from us,” Madison notes.

Launched in late 2023, The Creator Society aims to manage all aspects of a creator’s business. Larry emphasizes their focus on “converters” – creators who drive commerce. “They’re pushing a new level of commerce like no one else is,” he states. “[It’s] a group of artists who want to build a business and not just about hitting the latest video trends.”

The company’s approach includes specialized audience engagement techniques and deeper communication with clients to build out their pipeline and achieve their goals. Larry explains, “Our team knows how to execute against the entire ecosystem of affiliate platforms, which all generate more revenue for our clients, as well as using that data to increase brand deals and intersect other forms of entertainment.”

Cultivating a Unique Management Approach

The Creator Society aims to differentiate itself in the crowded creator management space through an all-encompassing approach and distinctive company culture. Madison articulates the company’s mission: “To cultivate a space for creators they can thrive in. They have all of the resources that they need in one place with people that they can truly trust.”

Building a team aligned with their high standards has been a key challenge. Madison notes, “We have very high standards for how our creators are communicated with, the strategy and the implementation that we put behind everything we do.” To address this, they’ve implemented an internship program to foster fresh talent.

Larry accentuates the company culture, drawing from his experience at CAA. “It is about our clients. It’s never about us,” he states. The Creator Society promotes an open environment where team members are encouraged to participate in various aspects of the business.

“If they want to explore product lines, they can be a part of those conversations,” Larry explains. This approach extends to diverse areas such as TikTok strategy, Snap monetization, YouTube shopping, and even TV and book deals.

The industry vet stresses the need for a holistic management strategy: “Managers in today’s market must think like entrepreneurs. You can’t just rely on getting brand deals’ because that’s never going to sustain a long-term career for any of our clients. You have to think outside the box, and that takes experience.”

Comprehensive Creator Management Beyond Brand Deals

The Creator Society offers various services to support content creators, extending far beyond traditional brand partnerships. Madison outlines their core focus: “We definitely lean into so many different aspects of social media management when it comes to the creators we’re working alongside.”

Their services include content creation, video editing, posting strategies, and platform-specific monetization tactics. Madison emphasizes their approach to affiliate marketing: “We help them create content in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re a salesperson.”

The company leverages data-driven insights to develop custom product lines for creators. “We’re sourcing that from the data that we have on them. What do they sell well? What are the white spaces that we can cover with these product lines? This fall, we’ll have launched six product lines for clients, from bedding to a cut-and-sew dress line,” Madison explains.

Larry illustrates their 360-degree approach using the example of clients Cost n’ Mayor. Initially known for dance videos, The Creator Society has expanded its brand into television development, board game creation, and even choreographing for a touring Broadway show.

Larry notes, “While collaborating with Adam Goodman’s Invisible Narratives,  we worked with one of the top board game designers, Jordan Weisman, and helped build the board game we just launched, which will also be in a major retailer in Q4.”  

This full-spectrum management style involves multiple team members collaborating across various projects. Larry concludes, “That’s true 360. And that’s important. So many management companies say they will do things, but it takes experience and teamwork to actually get them done.”

Emerging Trends in the Creator Economy

Madison highlights the growing importance of private communities for creators. “Substack is hot right now and making moves,” she notes. The marketing expert sees potential in “figuring out how to build those private communities for creators and monetize them through affiliates and brand partnerships.”

Larry identifies two significant trends in the creator economy. First, he points to mergers and acquisitions, citing The Creator Society itself as an example of this trend. Second, the entrepreneur emphasizes the increasing focus on affiliate marketing. “We’re three, four years ahead of everyone trying to build affiliate divisions. This is in our DNA,” he states.

Larry also observes a trend in executive networking within the creator economy. “LinkedIn has just skyrocketed as the main networking for executives,” he says, emphasizing the importance of this peer network: “We’re all colleagues. We’re all peers.” Larry believes this collaboration among industry leaders is crucial for success in the evolving creator landscape.

According to The Creator Society’s leadership, these trends—private communities, affiliate marketing expertise, and executive networking—are shaping the future of the creator economy.

Larry and Madison at VidCon 2024: The Creator Society’s Perspective on Industry Evolution

VidCon started as a hub for YouTube and other online content creators. Over time, it has expanded to embrace talents from TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and beyond. It organizes annual gatherings for digital creators, video enthusiasts, and influencers. The event includes Creator tracks, performances, meet-ups, and other activities. This year’s convention will be held from June 26 to 29 in Anaheim, California.

Larry and Madison are gearing up to share their insights at VidCon 2024, focusing on creator entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing. Their panel, AFFILIATE MARKETING: NO LONGER A ‘DIRTY WORD’ (Friday, June 28, 10:35 AM—11:15 AM PT, Ballroom D), will discuss the strategic importance of data-driven decision-making for creators.

“What we’re talking about at VidCon is how to be more entrepreneurial based on the data of their socials,” Larry explains. He emphasizes the shift from trend-following to data-informed product development: “We’re looking at the data and understanding them so that they can be successful in an entrepreneurial way.”

Madison is excited to feature Anna Daly, a top 100 creator and early client of The Creator Society, on their panel. “I think with all of us speaking together, we’ll be sharing some insights on how she got to where she’s at and what we’re doing next,” she says.

Larry, a VidCon veteran attending his 12th conference, notes the event’s evolution: “It started all about YouTube creators getting together. And then it became more of a fan experience… I think now it’s kind of evolving more like a business industry event with a fan component.”

Both executives are looking forward to networking opportunities. Madison, based in small-town Texas, values reconnecting with industry peers. Larry is eager to hear from industry leaders, stating, “There’s going to be some amazing information and wisdom that’s going to be communicated across these panels.”

The Creator Society also brings a Gen Z team member to the event, demonstrating their commitment to fostering young talent and gaining fresh perspectives on the industry’s future.

Future Outlook for The Creator Society

The Creator Society aims to solidify its position as an industry leader, with Madison emphasizing their goal “to stay on top of the different trends and what’s working and what’s not.” The company has several projects in the pipeline, including product lines, book deals, and an unannounced limited series for a streaming platform.

Larry focuses on nurturing talent within the company. “The goal of The Creator Society that I’m excited about is growing the next generation of executives that are going to be leaders in the creator economy,” he states. The entertainment veteran sees potential for this new generation to reshape business practices in the evolving remote work landscape.

For aspiring creators, Larry advises thinking outside the box and leveraging personal experiences. He parallels industry disruptors like Netflix and iTunes, suggesting that creators could build “the next billion-dollar brands” by understanding their audience and market trends.

Madison offers a grounding perspective to industry professionals: “Tune out the noise. I think that everybody gets really in their head about content and algorithms and what’s next… It’s important to focus on your business and what’s working for you.”

Both executives emphasize adaptability in the face of constant change. As Madison notes, “The only thing that stays the same about this industry is that everything’s always changing. So, we just continue to lean in and go with the waves.”

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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