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Free Online Social Media Influencer And Marketing Courses For 2023


Free Online Social Media Influencer And Marketing Courses For 2023

As the social media influencer market becomes increasingly saturated, social media influencers must upgrade their influencer skill levels. Free online courses, tutorials, and other related resources are some available methods used to elevate your proficiency and become an industry expert. Assure brands that they are working with well-trained, certified, and knowledgeable influencers who deliver quality and meet sales and branding goals.

The evolution of social media marketing has also introduced the need, or perhaps created a demand, for more skilled social media influencers who can conduct business just as well as they create engaging content. The entire package, including all the delicious and intricate social media marketing meat, is based on successful human interactions that a capable, well-trained, and updated influencer will achieve with greater success. 

Many online courses provide an overview of the social media influencer landscape and how to grow your following from scratch, create engaging content, and liaise with brands to secure paying contracts. Staying abreast of the technological developments and tools in the market while maximizing your creative output and balancing the business, stats, and ROI requirements can become overwhelming but not with the help of industry specialists and free online tools and training. Depending on the type of course, there could be extras thrown in for good measure. You have nothing to lose but a whole social influencer career to either gain or upgrade. You are your skillset, so why not sharpen them with these tools?

Here are the Social Media Influencer And Marketing Courses for 2023:

Hubspot Academy: Social Media Marketing Course

Hubspot offers this free online social media course for Marketing Managers, Social Media Marketers, and Aspiring Marketers that is just over 4 hours long.

The course material contains 8 lessons, 38 videos, and 29 quizzes that cover:

  • How to develop an effective and engaging social media strategy
  • How to build an inbound social media strategy that delights your customers and grows your bottom line
  • Leverage the power of social media to transform your business and your career

Check out the other free related courses that HubSpot Academy offers, that will enhance your social media skills and knowledge.

Influencer Marketing 101: from zero to hero (Later in partnership with Gretta van Riel)

Gretta van Riel is the face and tutor of this online marketing course. She is an influencer marketing expert, who has a few multi-million-dollar e-commerce businesses to her name and mentionable experience in connecting brands with influencers. She is now also the founder of the influencer relationship management platform called Hey Influencers. Gretta partners with Later to provide a 5-part practical course with case studies, guidelines, exercises, and examples that will amplify your efforts in the industry. And this is all free. Sign up and watch now!

The course covers:

  • How to produce and present an effective influencer marketing campaign
  • How to source the correct influencer for your brand
  • Creating the perfect pitch for potential partners
  • How to track and measure the ROI of your campaign

Google Digital Garage: social media course

Google Digital Garage offers a free digital course that trains and teaches people skills to advance and grow their careers. Training (with certification) can be completed online to supplement and enhance your skills and knowledge. The 4-part course includes bite-sized video lessons and quizzes that are easy to learn and work through.

These are the 4 modules:

·       Social media basics

·       The right social media sites for you

·       Setting your goals for social media

·       Getting on social media

This free course is beginner friendly. It is a great first step for influencers who are still starting. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked by the intermediate influencer, who can use the course to brush up or fill in knowledge gaps. Google offers an array of related digital and social media courses that might give you more to chew on. Check them out!

Simplilearn: Social Media Marketing Full Course 2022 | Social Media Marketing Tutorial for Beginners sql TsvU

 With just over 6 hours of beneficial and clear tutoring, Simplilearn Social Media Marketing Course eases through several aspects of social media marketing campaigns. It is free, it gets specific which helps narrow down your learning areas and focus on aspects with more detail. The course covers a little bit of everything which offers an overall, all-encompassing offering that is ideal for beginners. Beginner-friendly courses are a great place for intermediate and expert influencers to begin the learning voyage, easing them and encouraging further learning. 

Isis Breanna: How to Make More Sales on Social

How to Make More Sales on Social (

More than a pretty face, Isis Breanna partners with Later to present this free video tutorial on how to make more sales on Social. If that isn’t the goal, then I’m not sure what is. Isis is the perfect host and Marketing expert as a 6-figure entrepreneur who accomplished it all in 8 short months. Trusted and capable, Isis takes you through:

  • 4 key approaches your business needs to make sales
  • The P.A.I.D. equation that’s been proven to boost revenue from social
  • What omnipresence is (and why it’s important for your sales)
  • How to create, and leverage, brand loyalty
  • Strategies to increase demand for your products

All it requires is 5 minutes to sign up and watch for free!

Sam Does Arts: Some social media advice for Artists

Sam Does Arts may be focused on Social Media Advice for artists, however, his tried and tested tips offer benefits for all social media influencers and Marketers. His free YouTube video course is only 14 minutes and 17 seconds long. It is a personal account of his experience and success in the industry. The less formal structure and style are ideal for creatives and individuals who enjoy shorter content. It is the ideal burst of practical information that can be put into action immediately.

Who better to take you through this than Sam, a digital artist with approximately 920k subscribers on YouTube? This video is worth watching.

Marketing 360: Social Media Strategy for Local Businesses – 7 Tips

With a focus on local businesses, this free YouTube Social media strategy course by Marketing 360 is a flash of tips that can take your campaigns for local businesses to another level. While short, this is impactful and ideal to get started and get the ball rolling.

The 7 tips include:

  1. Create and share content about what is happening around town
  2. ·Share content about what is happening in the neighborhood you serve
  3. Shout out to local sports teams, high schools, and other local groups and organizations
  4. Share content about the non-profit organization in the locale you are targeting and give back to the community by supporting a local non-profit
  5. Share quality content around what you do
  6. Share stories about yourself, your team, and your clients
  7. Comment & engage with the

Other helpful links:

What do you have to lose?

Reach for the life vest these free online courses offer and learn to enjoy riding the waves of social media marketing and influencing. The ebb and flow of the industry, trends, and evolution of the market and audiences bring undeniable and unpredictable changes that you can easily navigate through in the comfort of your home. Upgrade yourself and become an influencer who is ahead of the game in 2023!

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