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The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center

TikTok has been a very successful platform within the influencer marketing industry, helping brands from across the globe see profitable success. In fact, 60% of TikTok’s global audience follow brands on the platform, highlighting the immense levels of engagement that the app can offer. The TikTok Business Learning Center is an expansive education portal that provides essential marketing advice all within the confines of a few short courses. Netinfluencer delves into all of the courses available on the TikTok Business Learning Center.

What Is the TikTok Business Learning Center?

The TikTok Business Learning Center launched in March 2021 and has quickly built a diverse catalog of resources for growing businesses. This hub aims to educate businesses on building their first social media campaign, discussing best practices, and how to use the Ads Manager dashboard.

Currently, this center is separated into three main categories: Behind the Business, TikTok Ads Manager 101, and E-Learning. The former is mainly aimed at small businesses as it explores how to use TikTok’s interface and how to find your target audience. 

The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


TikTok Ads Manager 101 Courses

  1. Learning Phase

The Learning Phase module within the TikTok Ads Manager 101 course guides users through the initial steps of their first marketing campaign. The teacher helps businesses implement their data into TikTok’s back-end to help the algorithm attract the right type of customer to their content. This course also explains how to deal with fluctuations in ad conversions and what to do if your ad does not hit the appropriate targets within the designated time frame.

  1. Budget

The next step focuses on how much money you should be spending on an ad campaign. The Budget course highlights best practices when setting financial goals as well as how to maintain them through turbulent times. Overall, this course supports businesses to gain a better ROI on their desired campaign.

  1. Bidding

The final course expresses the bidding process within TikTok’s Ad Manager feature. Here, you will learn the importance of bidding and the best strategies for your business. The teacher also offers advice on the most successful time to bid to ensure that you are not making a loss during your campaign.

What Are the E-learning Modules?

  1. Introduction to TikTok For Business

The first course within the E-Learning series showcases TikTok’s global reach and how it has managed to tap into a collection of profitable markets around the world. Introduction to TikTok For Business goes into more detail about how the app is used and how ads are implemented throughout a user’s feed.

  1. How To Create an Ad Account on TikTok

The following course describes TikTok Ad Manager, a specialist platform that allows businesses to post ads on the social media app. This course guides the user through creating an Ads Manager account and presents an assortment of screenshots to help students complete each step with ease and accuracy.

  1. TikTok Business Center

The TikTok Business Center course teaches businesses how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to various team members. Students will learn more about the Ads Manager dashboard and how to make their content more accessible to their other teammates. This course also highlights the benefits of collaboration and offers advice on how to share access to your campaign safely and securely. 

The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


  1. TikTok Ad Structure 

The fourth course uncovers more about how TikTok Ads Manager collates data and organizes the assets of your campaign. Through this portal, you can select the objectives for your campaign and note its target audience and budget. Simply, this course explains how TikTok categories each advertisement for optimization purposes.

  1. TikTok Ad Format

The TikTok Ad Format course explores the different types of ads that the platform provides and how they work to secure the attention of various audience members. The beginning of this course also describes how TikTok’s interface works to give students more context on where their ads will be placed on a user’s feed. 

  1. TikTok Ad Reporting 

The sixth module in the E-Learning course presents more information about the Ads Manager analytics dashboard. TikTok Ad Reporting summarizes the key metrics collected by the platform and how they can be used to monitor the overall performance of your campaign. It also explores how you can generate vital data reports to help share the analytics with others outside of the Ads Manager platform.

The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


  1. Automated Creative Optimization

Automated Creative Optimization (ACO) is one of TikTok’s most intuitive advertising features as it collects all of your assets together and tests which ad format would be most successful for your desired campaign. This feature aims to help businesses move away from standard A/B Testing and toward a more streamlined process. 

  1. Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

The Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience module explains how businesses can gather audience impressions via TikTok’s data collection software or via their own website and CRM data. As such, this course highlights how businesses can customize their target audience to ensure that their campaign is seeing success within its respective niche. 

The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


  1. Split Testing

The ninth E-Learning Module explores the concept of Split Testing. This refers to conducting a series of random and controlled experiments in order to discover the best way to increase conversions. This course explains how to access the Split Testing feature as well as the best ways to achieve more scientific and reliable results. 

  1. Tracking Pixel

The penultimate course in this series describes the benefits of installing a Tracking Pixel on your website. This is a piece of HTML code that helps businesses analyze customer actions and conversions on their platform. The TikTok Pixel allows businesses to set optimized performance goals, helping to measure the success or failure of a particular campaign. This course explains how to add this tool to your web browser as well as how to choose the best action to measure for your type of campaign. 

  1. Creative Best Practices

The final module in the E-Learning course gives a quick overview of all of the key points within the entire course and showcases the most effective practices when launching a campaign. This course also describes how to use video templates to add brand logos and images to your content. You will also learn how to add background music to your videos as well as how to generate multiple videos in bulk. 

The Courses Included in the TikTok Business Learning Center


Why Should You Use the TikTok Business Learning Center?

The TikTok Business Learning Center is an extremely useful tool that can help every type of business find success on TikTok. In particular, these courses are ideal for small enterprises that are looking to expand engagement across social media. As the courses are quite short, smaller businesses can learn essential marketing skills in just a few minutes.

In addition, all of these courses are free of charge and can be accessed by anyone. This means that they will not be considered a cost to your businesses and will not take away any funds from your campaign. Plus, these courses are a perfect way to see if TikTok is an appropriate platform for your business. 

This collection of courses is also very approachable. A majority of the videos use animations and screenshots to help users better understand the wider context of the TikTok Ads Manager platform. Therefore, these videos are helpful if you are looking to establish a campaign quickly and smoothly.

Like Snapchat Focus and Twitter Flight School, the rise of the TikTok Business Learning Center highlights a steady growth within social media marketing. Thus, this has the potential to lead to more prosperous opportunities for influencers around the globe. To learn more about launching an influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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