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All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus


All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus

Many social media platforms have jumped on the trend of subscription services and Snapchat is no different. With an average of 5 billion Snaps created every day, the platform has now got the chance to create an additional revenue stream. The recently launched Snapchat Plus offers a range of new features that aim to give users a more immersive experience. Netinfluencer uncovers all you need to know about the new Snapchat Plus upgrade.

What Is Snapchat Plus?

In July 2022, Snapchat announced the launch of its new subscription service named Snapchat Plus. This series of features are available on both iPhone and Android and allow users to unlock new localization features and receive other perks. 

The platform has released this service into a collection of countries such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, France, and a few others. Snapchat hopes to roll out this service into more countries as time goes on.

Although many have criticized the service, Snapchat still believes that these features will offer an entirely new experience for the platform’s most avid users

All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus


How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, Snapchat Plus is available in three payment options. Users can either pay $3.99 per month, $20.99 for six months, or $38.99 per year. Users will also gain a 7-day free trial before they decide to fully commit to the service.

However, it should be noted that the subscription will automatically renew after the trial is complete. As a result, users must manually decline the service to avoid being charged unnecessarily. Users can also cancel their subscriptions at any time. 

How to Sign Up for Snapchat Plus

  1. Open the latest version of the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to the profile page and press the Snapchat Plus banner at the top of the screen.
  3. Select your payment plan. You can also select the free trial option. 
  4. Enter your relevant payment details.
  5. Once payment has been confirmed you can enjoy the latest features. 
All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus


What Are the Features of Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus boasts of highly experimental features, giving users more control and support. Described below are the latest additions to the Snapchat Plus service. 

Ghost Trails

SnapMaps are an integral aspect of the platform and use GPS data to locate where certain Snaps were posted from around the world. Users can share their location with friends and even reveal popular locations and events. Ghost Trails allow Snapchat Plus users to see their friends’ locations from the last 24 hours, making their whereabouts more visible. Although many have raised concerns about this feature, Snapchat assures users that this feature can only be accessed if someone willingly shares their location with the Snapchat Plus user. You can also clear your Ghost Trails data within the settings. 

All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus


Custom App Icons

The iconic Snapchat logo is well known for its quirky avatar and bright yellow background. However, with Snapchat Plus, users can change the logo to a variety of different designs. They can add their native flag, change the color palette, or even change the color of the logo’s ghost symbol. To do this, users enter their profile and tap the Snapchat Plus membership card at the top of the screen. Then, they must press ‘Tap Icon.’ From here, a range of design options will be available for them to choose from. 

Friend Solar System

The Friend Solar System allows users to see which friends they speak to most often and rank them in accordance. This hierarchy is expressed by a solar system. Thus, if another user is ranked as Mercury, it means that you are their ‘Best Friend’. You can also be categorized as a ‘Friend’ or a ‘Best Friend’. The former means that you are one of their eight closest friends, but they are not one of yours. The latter means that you are both among each other’s eight friends. In order to see your Friend Solar System, you both must have a linked Bitmoji.

Best Friend Pin 

In a similar fashion to the Friend Solar System, the Best Friend Pin allows subscribers to select one individual as their #1 Best Friend. Just open the Chat or Send to screen, press and hold on your friend’s icon, and select the ‘Pin as your #1 Best Friend’ button. Users can only have one Best Friend at any given time. 

Story Rewatch

The most promising feature of Snapchat Plus is Story Rewatch, which allows users to see how many of their friends have rewatched their Snapchat Story. Subscribers will see a certain emoji under their Stories, indicating that your followers have rewatched content you have posted to either My Story, Private Stories, or Shared Stories. The number added to this feature indicates how many of your friends have rewatched your Story, rather than the number of times it has been viewed. Also, the Rewatch Indicator does not express which friends have rewatched your Story.

All of the Features Included in Snapchat Plus


Benefits of Purchasing Snapchat Plus

Despite the mixed reviews, Snapchat Plus offers a range of nuanced benefits for both influencers and casual users. The Story Rewatch feature can help growing influencers measure engagement on Snapchat, giving them a more secure idea of how their content is performing. As such, influencers can determine which type of content is more successful and is worthy of adding to their overall content strategy.

Both the Friend Solar System and the Best Friend Pin create a sense of cohesion and community on the platform. These features allow users to collate their most active followers into one space. With regard to influencer marketing, these features can be used for an influencer’s most devoted followers or for some of the important members of their team. 

Overall, the multiple payment options linked to Snapchat Plus are also very appealing. With a variety of durations available, alongside a 7-day trial, users can experiment with the features and see if they are suitable for them. This makes the subscription seem more flexible and users have a larger incentive to test out the features if they are curious about them. 

Snapchat Plus may be in its early stages but its launch is indicative of something greater. Other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube have also released various subscription services, providing a more unrestricted experience for their most devoted users. To discover more about making money on social media, visit our website

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