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TikTok’s Latest Test Feature Takes A Page From Snapchat’s Playbook 

TikTok is testing a new feature that mimics Snapchat’s popular “streaks” functionality, according to recent user reports on social media, TechCrunch confirmed. The company confirms experimenting with streaks in limited markets and for select users.

Streaks works by displaying a badge and counting on a direct message chat once users send messages to each other for three consecutive days. The streak count increments by one with each subsequent day of back-and-forth messaging.

A TikTok streak ends if neither user sends a message within a 24-hour window following the prior message exchange. The app notifies users when their streak is about to expire to encourage them to keep the streak alive by messaging again.

Users can disable streak notifications through the app’s Settings menu by navigating to Privacy > Notifications > Streak settings. This menu also provides an option to turn off in-app streak notifications.

On Snapchat, streaks are a status symbol among friends, reflecting frequent communication cadence. TikTok wants to foster the same sense of streak achievement and recurring engagement with its streak test.

Last year, Snapchat monetized streaks by launching a subscription offering that allowed users to freeze their streaks for a fee. The company also enabled users to restore ended streaks. TikTok has not announced details around if or how it may monetize streaks, should they exit testing and receive a wider rollout.

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