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Twitch Just Became A Legal Streaming Hub For DJs, Deal Involves Major Record Labels

Twitch announced landmark licensing deals with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and hundreds of independent music rightsholders. The agreements enable DJs to legally play copyrighted songs during their live streams on the platform.

The deals establish the new “Twitch DJ Program,” where the Amazon-owned company will pay royalties to artists and record labels. However, DJs must opt into a new agreement that covers all streaming on their channel. DJs who only stream part-time must create a separate channel dedicated solely to live streaming.

To cover the costs of music licensing, Twitch will allocate a portion of DJ revenue to rightsholders. For most streamers, Twitch will split this artists’ share 50/50 with DJs, though costs vary based on how a channel monetizes.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy stated in the announcement that DJs have streamed on Twitch previously but have assumed legal risks by playing music without rights. He noted that the licensing deals legitimized Twitch as a hub for music streaming after years of negotiations with music companies.

According to the announcement, the number of DJs streaming on Twitch has quadrupled since 2020, with over 15,000 able to build and monetize music fan communities on the platform. Clancy expressed pride in Twitch’s becoming the first major service to provide a home for DJ streaming, promoting and supporting these creators.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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