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Sidemen Launch A Reality Show Where Contestants Get Tattooed And Covered In Snakes For £1M

The British YouTube group Sidemen, comprised of 7 internet stars with over 130 million combined subscribers, launched a new reality competition show called “Inside.” The show debuted its first episode on Sunday, attracting over 4 million views within 24 hours.

Inside pits 10 social media influencers against each other in challenges inside a house. The winner receives a prize pot starting at £1 million. However, the prize money is reduced based on purchases contestants make for luxuries like hot showers, tea bags, and snacks.

Sidemen member Vik Barn told the BBC that Inside is “a bit more raw” than typical reality shows. The format centers around the group hitting record and observing the ensuing “chaos.” Unlike traditional shows, Inside does not restrict profanity.

One of the premiere episode’s challenges required contestants to keep their hands stationary on a desk while rats, spiders, and snakes were released onto the surface. Australian TikTok star Leah Halton had to decide whether to remove her hands as someone prepared to give her a tattoo on her arm.

Another task involved the influencers, including Love Island’s Chloe Burrows and Made In Chelsea’s Liv Bentley, ranking each other based on attractiveness and intelligence.

The Sidemen are executive producers and hosts. They put the contestants through unconventional tests, and viewers can purchase bonus content through a subscription service leading up to the finale on June 18.

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