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Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use


Vlog Backgrounds – The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use

While different creators usually use different vlog backgrounds that suit their brand, there is no limit to how creative your vlog background can be.

The best-recommended practice is using a branded or guideline-aligning background that adds a touch of personalization and reflection of who you are and what you offer. 

Vlogging is for everyone and can be about anything, but that brings us to a crucial question you should ask yourself before starting to vlog. 

Does it really matter what background I choose to use for my Vlog?

If you want to be more professional at what you do, and look forward to growth, then yes your vlog background matters. 

However, if you’re able to compensate for their background with other time-consuming efforts, and still see success, the rugged, raw, and unedited video style might be best for you. 

Additionally, some of what might be relevant in today’s world will look silly later on as technology advances, and that’s why we took the time to research and recommend the 5 best vlog backgrounds. 

All these Recommended vlog backgrounds for your next videos are chosen with a long-term growth objective in mind and are basically the standard of vlogging backgrounds. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use


How to choose the right background for your vlog?

Choosing the right background for your vlog often depends on the context of your video and your content creation strategy. There is absolutely no rule or standard that says your vlogs should have an appealing background, but if perfection is what you strive for why not master the art of vlogging?

You can choose the appropriate background by testing different colors, or working around what your brand guidelines offer. 

If no guidelines are in place, this is the perfect time for you to choose what visuals reflect the value offered through your vlogs. You are not limited to one color or design, but try to aim for minimalism, and use contrasting colors. 

By doing so, all the attention that would otherwise be divided is focused on you as you preach your message, working flawlessly with the musical tone and portraying captions clearly. 

Finding the right vlog background is finding a balance in everything you use to make exceptional content, so choose carefully and stay away from over-saturated and crowded designs.

The Top 5 vlog backgrounds to use 

Branded backgrounds 

Branded backgrounds are the ultimate vlog background because it takes a lot to make a good professional background that abides by brand guidelines. If you have the knowledge or budget to make a background that resembles what you stand for in a graphic manner it is your best vlog background to use. 

While not all colors and elements work in creating the perfect contrast for vlogs, don’t be hesitant to adjust and create new media that will serve you better moving forward. 

Perhaps a real-size unedited logo that you can build in your studio or recording space, or even your personal signature to throw on every video as Gary Vee does.

Additionally, you can add a screenshot of your online store or website as your background, especially if what you’re discussing is also relevant to drive traffic. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use


All-white Background

Looking at things from a long-run perspective, there is nothing more convenient and easy to work with than an all-white background. Some creators use all-white backdrops and fabrics to pull this off, but if you have the proper lighting a white wall should be more than enough. 

Using an all-white background will allow you to modify, cut out and adjust everything in your vlog without leaving imperfections. In other words another form of green screening that isn’t as easy to work with, but is the perfect value option for budget-friendly content creation.


Green screens are a vlog background that once needed a professional editor to pull off, but now with all these new built-in features, green screens are more accessible than ever. 

However, when working with green screens, there is a fine line between making it work and overdoing it. It’s always good to think out of the box, but with greenscreens try to direct all the focus to you and what you’re saying instead of the abstract impressive background. 

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use


Some of the best green screens to pull off include, live-moving streets, a beautiful natural view, and potentially even a bright solid color background. 

Green screens are sold as an adjustable backdrop and depending on how far your camera is to be placed, you can find the right green screen for your vlogging needs.

Whiteboard or chalkboard 

Those of you who make educational may know this by now, but one of the most professional ways to deliver a message is by turning it into graphs or visuals. 

If your message or idea will require extra communication to properly deliver, adding a whiteboard to the mix can help viewers stay locked in and focused on what you have to say. 

Additionally, you can mix and match when it comes to whiteboards and visual tools, adding a green screen, or a branded background behind the greenscreen isn’t a bad idea either. 

The closer a camera can get without filling up the whole background with writing the better, therefore aim for a small to medium-sized board if this option appeals to you. 

Solid color curtains 

Some of the best content creators especially in the podcast niche use simple solid color curtains. Although it is our least favorite of vlog backgrounds, it is proven effective by many. 

To us, it is the bare minim you can do to come off professionally in a video clip, but there are many other alternatives to try before restoring to solid curtains. 

However, if you do end up using curtains, always go minimal and choose lighter colors that will add to the vibe of your vlog. Your furniture and other elements must also be aligned with the solid-color curtain you’re using for maximum emotional expression.

Vlog Backgrounds - The Top 5 Backgrounds To Use


Overall, the best background for Vlogs is one that elaborates upon the message you wish to deliver in a non-aggressive manner. Vlog backgrounds work as the theme of your videos by adding to the personalization and maximizing exposure. 

You can create your own professional background or order a background from freelance graphic designers. While we recommend sticking to one single outlay as a vlog background, Sometimes it is important that you test what works for you before deciding.

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