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22 Vlogger Tips - The Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience


22 Vlogger Tips – The Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience

Video content is one of the most versatile forms of content. Vlogging has emerged as  one of the most popular formats on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

You can use day to day vlogging to reel your viewers in and hook them. It is an excellent way to gain more subscribers and followers.  

22 Vlogger Tips - The Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience


However, vlogging is not as easy as it seems. It is extremely challenging and technical. If you are a beginner and are struggling to grow, follow the tips mentioned below. 

22 Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for growing your audience in 2023

Here are some of the tips and tricks for vlogging that will help you grow your audience and subscribers in 2023: 

22 Vlogger Tips - The Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience


  • Create a captivating intro 
  • Choose the right title and thumbnail
  • Instantly grab attention of the viewers
  • Use engaging background music 
  • Use fancy transitions
  • Themify your vlog
  • Add call to action dialogues
  • Maintain the length of your video
  • Collaborate with other creators 
  • Keep an eye out for trends 
  • Be consistent 
  • Be interesting 
  • Promote your videos on other social media platforms 
  • Try transcribing your video
  • Be mindful about when you publish your video
  • Invite guests on your vlog 
  • Comment on other vlogs 
  • Build your brand 
  • Use feedback
  • Use proper equipment for shooting 
  • Watch your eyeline 
  • Use proper tone and words

1. Create a captivating intro and outro

The most important element in any video is the introduction. The attention span of your viewers won’t be more than 9 seconds. You must hook your viewers quickly and give them a valid reason to watch your video till the end. 

You can start your intro by giving a short highlight of the main events, so the viewers know what to expect. For example, letting them know the time stamps and what you will be covering in the vlog. 

Many famous vloggers and YouTubers like TheUnlockr commit to give away free promo codes in the middle of the video but promise this in the beginning. This gives the viewers an incentive to continue watching.

2. Choose the right title and thumbnail

The thumbnail and title of your video are two components that carry your video to your audience. They both are like the main cover page of a book.    

Remember, your title should accurately represent the content. 

Try creating a title that is short and specific. Viewers do not like to read long sentences.

Similarly, be very careful about which picture you choose as your thumbnail. YouTubers like Canoopsy spend a lot of time working on their thumbnails; sketching their rough design first, then taking a picture and finally editing it on their computer until the colors echo the kind of content that is highlighted in the video. 

3. Instantly grab your audiences’ attention

Immediately grab your viewers attention. You can do this in numerous ways. 

Ali Abdaal grabs his viewers attention by enumerating the reasons why they should continue to watch his videos. 

Providing a good hook is another way of doing this. 

A hook can consist of something as simple as asking your viewers rhetorical questions. This way, they will be forced to watch the video to find the answers to the questions. 

4. Use good background music

Good background music plays an extremely important role in all types of visual content. 

The music keeps your viewers entertained and attached all the while your content portrays you doing mundane tasks, such as doing the laundry or making breakfast. 

Understand the theme of your vlog and the environment it is filmed in, then choose your background music accordingly.

For example – a vlog featuring a home making niche should have cozy music. Likewise videos based on game tutorials should have pumping rhythms.

Nanya Florence is a great vlogger to learn this from. 

Importantly, don’t choose anything too loud because that will conflict with your dialogues. 

You can get lots of free tracks online which will save a lot of your time in composing all by yourself. 

5. Add cool transitions

Your viewers will lose interest in your video if it is not edited poorly. 

One way to ensure this does not happen is through adding cool transitions, like Roman Atwood Vlogs

Transitions will help maintain the flow throughout. They will also make it easier and smoother for you to shift from one location or task to the other. 

If you are using a video editor you can use its in-built transitions. 

If you want to be more creative, shoot extra clips to incorporate as transitions in your vlog.

6. Themify your vlog

To make your vlog more personal and exciting, consider theming it. In simpler terms, consider giving it a specific objective.  

One way of themifying your video is giving it a subject of discussion. 

For example, let your viewers know that in this video the main theme is prepping for your final exams, or learning French.. 

Many vloggers use seasons as their primary themes, such as winter, autumn, etc. and create content in those environments.  

For example, a vlogger called Holly Gabrielle has an entire video where she uses summer as the main theme and shares her daily activities during this season with her audience. 

Doing this will give your video some context, and your viewers will easily be able to evaluate whether the video is for them or not. 

7. Add call to action dialogues 

Adding call to action dialogues has an effect on your viewers. It tells them to ‘hit the subscribe button’ or share this video with their friends.

Doing so will increase the chances of your followers and random viewers hitting the follow button. 

You can add this bit either in the beginning of your video or towards the end. 

8. Maintain the length of your video 

Viewers today prefer short, to the point videos. 

Consider the estimated length of your vlog before recording it and then plan it accordingly.

Keeping your vlog short will be beneficial to you when you are recording and editing your video. You won’t have to sit down and delete all the unnecessary clips because you will have only filmed what’s essential. 

Recording lengthy videos and then editing and curtailing them adds up unnecessary expenses as well. 

Generally vlogs should max out at 20-25 minutes

Danisnotinteresting is one vlogger who keeps the time factor in mind while creating his videos by providing enough value through his content in a very short span.

9. Collaborate with other creators

This tip is perhaps one of the fastest ways to gain traction on your channel. 

By collaborating with other creators you can leverage their viewers’ attention and convert them into your followers. 

Besides likes and follows, you might also receive more exposure. 

10. Keep an eye out for trends

The social media industry fuels numerous trends every week. Content related to them attracts more eyeballs. 

You must make it a point to be part of these trends. 

Day in the life” videos are a very common trend on YouTube. Creators like Brian Ruiz consistently post videos related to this trend and receive thousands of views.

11. Be consistent

Consistency is the key when it comes to social media and vlogging. 

Viewers prefer to subscribe to channels which have well-populated playlists. 

Consistently posting content keeps your vlog in front of the audiences and makes it legit in the eyes of search engines, which positively affects your rankings. 

Since video editing and filming is very time consuming, it is a good practice to plan your videos beforehand to maintain consistency . 

Having a content calendar is also beneficial, as it will help you estimate how much time you need between videos for editing and filming. 

Alfie Deyes is an inspiring vlogger when it comes to consistency. 

He makes sure to post a video every month. Even though he is a husband and a father, he still manages to carve out the time for shooting, editing and publishing his vlogs.  

12. Be interesting

Your vlogs must have some value (if not deep value) for your viewers. 

If they aren’t interesting enough your audience may not bother watching them. 

Azlia Williams ensures she adds some value in all her vlogs discussing subjects which appeal the masses for example how to have a productive day, new habits for the new year, etc. That’s why she has thousands of subscribers. 

While vlogging can be mundane, you can share your opinions on different subjects and talk about things like your daily routine, writing practices.

Additionally, stuff your videos with tidbits of wisdom, occasionally include current affairs and news, and add some humor, and you will see an increase in views and likes.

13. Promote your videos

Sharing and promoting your videos on multiple social media platforms helps you attract other viewers’ attention who are not your followers. 

While sharing your videos, be cautious about what time you post them. 

Also, keep in mind that all platforms have different features. Instagram has reels, YouTube has shorts, TikTok has videos, etc. Try to use these features while sharing your vlog. 

Pooja Singh shares her vlogs on Instagram stories as soon as she publishes it on her YouTube channel, urging her followers to take a look at her recent video and share their thoughts. 

14. Try transcribing your videos

Diverse audiences will be able to connect with your videos if they are properly transcribed. 

Some viewers might not be accustomed to your accent, others might have some sound issues. You can prune your video to suit their needs so that you have their attention. 

Transcribing a video is not that hard. You can use numerous websites and applications for this task. 

If you decide to do this, remember to go through the final transcription and edit it before posting the video.

15. Be mindful about when you publish your video

Time plays an important role while posting your video. 

Each platform has a specific time when its users are most active. Try to share your videos during that time frame to receive better responses.

Usually, you can gather this data from your profile’s analytics. 

If you want something more in-depth, you can search for different analytics softwares like Hubspot and Snaplytics for social media platforms online. 

16. Invite guests on your vlog

Inviting guests adds flavor to your vlog and makes it more interesting. 

Additionally, guest appearances add a different angle to your content and provide legitimacy and authenticity. 

You can either invite an influencer from your niche or someone who is famous and well-known. 

Try asking them to promote your vlogs on their social media handles as well. 

This will give more exposure to your video and increase their chances to go viral. You will see Ben Brown doing this a lot in his vlogging videos.  

17. Comment on other vlogs

Commenting on other vlogs is an effective way of expanding your audience and showing them that you are present. 

While leaving a comment remember to be genuine and include constructive feedback. 

Rather than criticizing, try to be more supportive. 

22 Vlogger Tips - The Top Vlogger Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Audience


Show actual interest in others’ work and they will gladly view your work in return. 

Eventually, other people commenting on that video will be curious to know how you know so much about the same niche and they will search your social media channel and view your videos in return.

18. Build your brand

After releasing consistent videos and generating millions of followers, you can eventually launch products under your brand name. 

Hacksmith Industries have been vlogging about their experiments for years. ‘They have now reached a level where they release products under their own brand. 

Your brand does not always have to be a product. 

You can brand using your name, logo, or even a watermark that you insert at the start of every video or include it somewhere throughout. 

Eventually viewers associate you and your content by the brand name just by looking at the logo, tag, or watermark.

19. Ask for constructive feedbacks

Ask for feedback from your viewers and encourage them to share their thoughts in the comments section. 

This will further guide you on how to improve your content and give you a clear idea of what your audience expects from you.                                          

You can also acknowledge their feedback in your videos by sharing their comments on the screen. 

This will prove to them that you are constantly working on bettering your content and that you respect their opinions. 

20. Use proper instruments for shooting

To be able to create good content you must have proper equipment.. 

If you are new to vlogging and don’t know where to begin, channels like Tomorrows Filmmakers have more than 1,000 videos and hundred hours of content discussing the best equipment for filming, where to buy them from, and how to use them. 

Vlogging requires many different kinds of equipment, of which the camera is obviously the main one.

Having good camera and recording equipment also means you can experiment with filming your videos.

21. Watch your eyeline

Your yyeline connects you with your audience. 

Maintain your eyeline on camera because it gives the impression that you are communicating directly and only to your audience. 

To successfully pull this off, you must be very comfortable in front of the camera. This will come with some practice. 

You can also create a script for yourself which you have memorized before-hand, so you know what you have to say. 

22. Use proper tone and words

While speaking in front of the camera, your tone plays a major role. 

You must not sound nervous and dull while shooting your video.

If you want your audience to be excited about your vlog, it should be you first showing excitement and enthusiasm. 

Check out how kold maintains and fluctuates his tone in his videos.

Your viewers won’t understand (or will get confused) what you are saying if you don’t use proper accent, words and tone. 

To make this less cumbersome, prepare a script and read it out loud to someone until you sound as expected.


If you are an enthusiastic vlogger who has only begun their journey, these 22 tips and tricks can be excellent steps to grow your channel. 

Learning from experts is always good if you are a beginner, that’s why we recommend you take a look at vloggers like Ali Abdaal and Holly Gabrielle who have millions of subscribers on their channel.    

For other ideas and tips on successful Vlogging, check out our guide here.

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