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How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands


How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

Are you a sportswear lover with an engaging social media presence? Becoming a sportswear brand ambassador may be a great way to grow your social media following, promote your favorite brands, and earn commission and other special perks. Keep reading to understand what a brand ambassador program entails, plus some of the best fitness ambassador programs to choose from!

With the world of social media marketing only growing, it’s no surprise that brand ambassador programs have been so successful in growing e-commerce businesses. By having ambassadors, brands are better able to market their products to their target audience and ultimately drive more sales.

If you’re a sportswear lover with a strong and engaging social media presence, applying to be a sportswear brand ambassador can be a great way to connect with brands, receive special perks, and become more successful as an influencer.

In this article, you’ll find out exactly what a brand ambassador program is and some of the most reputable sportswear ambassador programs you can apply to today!

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands


What Is a Brand Ambassador Program?

From a brand’s perspective, an ambassador program is a marketing strategy that puts advertising in the hands of designated ambassadors. Typically, ambassadors will have  a large following on at least one social media platform and create content in that brand’s niche consistently in order to be chosen. 

The goal of this strategy is to both gain more impressions for the brand as a whole and better reach the brand’s target audience who would enjoy their products. With the internet only improving and becoming more innovative, there has been an influx of e-commerce brands utilizing brand ambassadors and social media to grow their companies. 

For ambassadors, there are a wide variety of benefits that brands provide that vary from program to program. Some perks for ambassadors of being in one of these programs can include:

  • Commission on affiliate links 
  • Discounts on brand products
  • Discounts for friends
  • Opportunity to be featured on the brand’s social media account

With so many different brand ambassador programs out there, there is bound to be something that fits within your niche. Specifically, we’re going to be focusing on sportswear brand ambassador programs – Let’s get started!

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands


Who Is a Good Candidate for Being a Sportswear Brand Ambassador?

Although being a brand ambassador may seem simple and self-explanatory, there is actually a lot that goes into the job. Therefore, most companies are picky when it comes to picking ambassadors for their programs.

A good candidate for a sportswear brand ambassador program ideally meets most of the following criteria: 

  • A large following on at least one social media platform
  • An engaging social media presence in a fitness or health-related niche
  • A good understanding of social media marketing strategies
  • A genuine interest in sportswear and fitness-related topics
  • Knowledge of tracking social media insights and analytics

Reputable Sportswear Brand Ambassador Programs

Since fitness and health is such a lucrative niche to identify with online, there are a plethora of different fitness-related companies that have brand ambassador programs. After looking into a wide selection of popular sportswear ambassador programs, we’ve gathered 5 of the best ones that are definitely worth checking out!


The Lululemon Ambassador Program is an incredible opportunity for fitness lovers to promote an extremely reputable sportswear brand. With so many people already loving Lululemon, they already trust the products, so they’re more likely to make a purchase.

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

Lululemon’s ideal ambassador is a leader in their community, is committed to growth both personally and professionally, and enjoys building relationships in their community. 

Lululemon thrives on community-based relationships, so they connect ambassadors with local stores to test out products, network with industry professionals, and gain more marketing experience. Therefore, they have both global and store ambassadors, so there are lots of opportunities and room for growth with this company. 


Gymshark Athletes have been a key factor in growing Gymshark as a brand and getting their products out there for everyone to see. It has been one of the most successful ambassador programs, as Gymshark is one of the top-selling sportswear brands today.

Benefits for Gymshark athletes include discounts on Gymshark apparel, affiliate links to earn a commission, and even a chance to be featured on Gymshark’s social media accounts.

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

Gymshark doesn’t have a specific application process for their athletes. Instead, they reach out to specific individuals they think would make a great addition to the program or you can reach out directly to the director of the ambassador program and pitch why you would make an excellent ambassador.   


Astoria is a fitness and health-focused brand that sells women’s activewear. They are a very female-forward company that emphasizes empowering women through health and fitness. The Astoria Activewear Ambassador Program allows you to partner directly with Astornia’s marketing team.

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

As an ambassador, you’ll be given opportunities to be featured on Astoria’s social media accounts which can help you grow your own social media presence. Additionally, Astoria ambassadors have discounts on all of Astoria’s activewear, chances to receive free activewear, and first access to new product releases.  

Four Athletics

Four Athletics’ mission is to sell comfortable and stylish activewear at a reasonable price to make it more accessible to everyone. Promoting a company with a positive message that benefits customers can be a great brand to promote to your audience.

The Four Athletics Ambassador Program only wants ambassadors who are passionate about rehumanizing retail and really believe in the overall message of the company. Also, they expect you to purchase (for a discounted rate) and wear their apparel.How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

This program offers influencers product discounts, first looks at new products, affiliate links for commission, exclusive invitations to brand events, and more! Also, successful ambassadors have the opportunity to become a sponsored athlete or influencer for Four Athletics and move higher up in the company.


If you’re an active gym-goer who loves to make gains every day, the Alphalete Ambassador Program is definitely worth checking out. This brand was only founded in 2015, so a majority of its success is due to social media marketing and brand ambassadors.

How to Become a Sportswear Brand Ambassador and Promote Your Favorite Brands

As an Alphalete Ambassador, you’re expected to be a leader in your community and committed to the importance of fitness and health. You should align with the company’s mission statement of Learn More, Dream More, Be More.

Some of the perks Alphalete Ambassadors receive include special discounts on all of their products, a chance to be featured on their social media accounts, and even monetary compensation depending on your popularity and success. Plus, successful ambassadors may have the opportunity to become a sponsored athlete.

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