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Sportswear Brand Ambassador How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands


Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

If you spend your days in comfy athleisure and own an unthinkable amount of leggings, trainers, and cute hoodies then becoming a sportswear brand ambassador for your favorite brands might be the perfect fit for you.

More and more sportswear brands are launching affiliate marketing programs, signing influencer deals, and collaborating with brand ambassadors to represent their brand long-term.

Here’s how you can get in on the action and become a sportswear brand ambassador.

Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

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What is a Sportswear Brand Ambassador

A sportswear brand ambassador is a content creator, influencer, or micro-influencer who has signed a deal with a company to spread awareness to their following. Sportswear brand ambassadors are able to generate a buzz by sharing the products with their audiences on social media.

Most of the time, brands headhunt their own ambassadors and a representative will reach out via email with a proposal. Sportswear companies are always on the lookout for new faces who are within the health and wellness, fitness, and lifestyle niches to promote the brand, yet oftentimes we’ll find that they prefer to contact creators who are already repping the products online purely because they love them! 

It makes sense, if you’re wanting someone to represent your company then who better to do it than an individual who authentically loves your products already?

And here’s the best part, you don’t need a massive following in order to become a sportswear brand ambassador. You just need to have a passion for the company that you’re pitching, and show them why you’d be a great fit!

Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

Photo by Anastasia Hisel on Unsplash

Benefits of Becoming a Sportswear Brand Ambassador

There’s really no right or wrong way to answer this as the benefits offered can vary greatly between sportswear brands. 

For example, there are a lot of brands that use micro-influencers and content creators to produce UGC content for them by being a brand ambassadors. These engagements are normally not as formal and would allow you to sign up for their affiliate program, receive free products, and generate commissions from any sales you close.

Whereas on the other side, you have brands that will enlist the services of A-list athletes or celebs to be brand ambassadors for their company. These types of engagements are usually way more formal and include contracts, timelines, deliverables, and requirements. 

Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash 

This is actually a really good thing because it means that there’s a niche in the market for everyone, no matter their follower count. And that’s not to say that you can’t pitch brands who have more requirements for becoming a brand ambassador – you might be surprised by the response!

Either way, there are some key benefits that we can take a look at. 

Freebies: If you’ve applied to become a sportswear brand ambassador then you should technically already love the brand. And if that’s the case, can you imagine anything better than receiving a bunch of goodies to unbox and create fresh content with? 

Sportswear brands are known for sending out boxes of free products to influencers and content creators. They do so because the content is king, and having a team of ambassadors who are regularly creating new content that they can then share to their social media accounts saves them so much time. But not only that, it became super clear in 2022 that younger audiences find UGC more approachable and authentic, so it serves the brand in many ways. 

Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

Photo by Bradley Dunn on Unsplash 

Paid Sponsorships: If the brand has an allocated budget to spend on influencer marketing then they will most likely ask for your rates per post or engagement. The budget can vary, but remember, you’re the one setting your rates and you have to know your worth. Creating content can be time-consuming, so make sure to factor in all of the effort and time that you estimate it will take. 

Event Invites: This perk is usually reserved for successful sportswear brand ambassadors. But you never know, I’ve seen PR launches in the past where hundreds of micro-influencers and smaller creators also received an invite. So again, it really depends on the company. 

Sportswear Brand Ambassador: How To Become A Sportswear Brand Ambassador For Your Favorite Brands 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash 

Affiliate Marketing: A lot of the time the terms brand ambassador and affiliates are confused, and it’s not surprising as both are pretty similar. The main difference is that affiliate programs are often available to anyone who wishes to sign up, whereas sportswear brand ambassadorships will require the company to reach out to you personally and discuss the opportunity, plus reach a contractual agreement. 

Famous Sportswear Brand Ambassadors

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most famous sportswear brand ambassadors on social media and what they’re posting:

1. Fernanda Ramirez 

You can find Fernanda on many fitness influencer roundup articles online and for good reason. Her Youtube channel boasts an impressive 1.1 million subscribers. She’s based in Vancouver British Columbia, and currently has deals with popular brands such as Alo Yoga, and Lululemon, among others.

2. Analiscruzx

Next up on our roundup is Analis Cruz, a New York-based influencer with a crazy audience on TikTok, her current count is 2.8 million followers. Now that’s pretty impressive. She shares fitness-related content and workouts, with a motto of “let’s get strong together”. Currently, she’s a brand ambassador for Gymshark and shares content of herself working out while wearing their outfits regularly.


Rest day fits from @gymshark >. Black Friday sale is still live fam❤️ #ad

♬ Rich Flex Carter Walsh Remix – CarterWalsh

3. Natacha Oceane

Next up we’ve got Natacha, a Biophysicist turned fitness content creator with over 1 million followers on Instagram alone. She offers her audience workout programs that have been approved by the Great Britain Olympic team expert. Natacha is also an ironman participant and has a Youtube channel where according to her bio she “translates science”. Currently, she’s a brand ambassador for Lululemon. 

4. Diana Conforti

Last on our list is Diana, a fitness content creator who shares her workout routines and gym escapades online with her 4.3 million followers. She sells workout programs and a 30-day ab challenge online. She’s currently a brand ambassador for GymShark and posts TikTok of her workout routines wearing two-piece sets or pieces of attire from their latest collections. In fact, in the video below she can be seen vlogging her pre-gym routine in a “get ready with me fashion” in which she’s wearing a GymShark outfit. 


favourite gym fit by far 🤌🏻 @Gymshark (paid sponsorship)

♬ Originalton – darkvidez

Where Can I Find Opportunities for Sportswear Brand Ambassadorships?

The best strategy you can use is to approach brands directly. But, wait! Before you send your all-time fave sportswear and athleisure brands a pitch via email or DM on social, make sure to have a look at their websites. A lot of companies have brand ambassador pages on their site where you can register directly. 

The following are some sportswear companies that offer brand ambassadorships:: 

If you’re not a fan of cold pitching brands then the other route you could take is to sign up for an influencer agency or enlist the services of a personal agent. But, if you choose the personal agent option, it’s important to know that a lot of the time companies will search for sportswear and athleisure brand ambassadors through agencies. Here are some of the more popular platforms:

These four influencer marketing platforms are a good place to start!


If you’re a fan of a specific sportswear or athleisure brand, own their products already, and love creating content focused around sharing your authentic opinion then you should probably apply to their brand ambassador program. 

Don’t let your follower numbers hold you back! As we’ve seen in this guide, sports brands aren’t looking at that, they’re searching for real authenticity and your ability to spread the brand’s messaging with an aligned vision.

Sportswear brand ambassador programs are an incredible way to establish a long-term collab with companies whose products you already love. So, what are you waiting for?

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