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The Best Organization Chart Software Streamline Your Business Hierarchy


The Best 8 Organization Chart Software: Streamline Your Business Hierarchy

Busy organizations depend on organizational charts to show their overall hierarchy and structure. Org charts are a great way to help employees understand their roles and new hires get to know their managers and colleagues. Today’s organizational chart software programs allow businesses to create charts quickly and easily. Read on to learn more about the benefits of org charts and today’s best software platforms.

An organization chart is a snapshot of a company’s structure and hierarchy. It also serves as a visual aid for executives, managers, and employees so they can better understand how the company operates. Unlike the manual processes of the past, today’s organizational chart software programs enable companies to easily draft charts with just a few mouse clicks.

Before we dive into the details of the latest software, here are a few reasons why your company should have an org chart:

  • Role Clarity: Organizational charts are a visual snapshot of how each employee’s role impacts the company. When an employee knows how their work affects the bottom line, they’re more likely to stay connected to their work and feel appreciated.
  • New Hire Onboarding: New hires are often bombarded with information. An org chart is a great way for new employees to understand a company’s hierarchy, “meet” the executive team, and get to know more about their colleagues.
  • Improved Communication: When teams work together on projects, an org chart can serve as a reference to reporting structure and responsibilities. This is especially helpful for remote working environments where team members are often scattered across the globe.

Now that you know how an org chart benefits your business, let’s take a look at some of today’s best organization chart software programs.

The Best Organization Chart Software: Streamline Your Business Hierarchy


With Organimi, you can create an organizational chart in just a few minutes. Choose to use the drag and drop technology to create your chart from scratch, or import company data and Organimi will do the work for you. Share charts internally with employees and set custom viewing and editing permissions. You can also choose to hide certain areas of a chart and use design and colors to help organize teams and departments. The Photoboard feature allows you to upload headshots of employees, perfect for new hires and onboarding. 

Organimi’s Basic plan starts at $10 per month for companies with up to 150 employees. The Premium plan starts at $20 per month and includes enhanced features.


Creately includes multiple frameworks and templates to create the most customized org chart for your business. With the Infinite Canvas feature, you can draft your entire organization all in one place. Use the advanced color and styling options to organize your groups and the intuitive drag and drop technology makes it easy to move things around. Share your workspace with department heads and managers and set custom permissions around editing. You can also leave comments within your charts for streamlined communication and conversation. 

Creately’s free plan includes three canvases and basic integrations. Upgraded plans start at $5 per month, per user. is optimized for sales and relationship management, helping organizations gain more visibility into their pipelines. The software has a built-in relationship mapping feature that’s well-suited for creating organizational charts. is built to integrate with Salesforce and, like many other org chart software solutions, has drag and drop capabilities. Assign roles and responsibilities for each team member and include a photo so your company can put names to the faces they see around the office.

If you’re interested in learning more, get a custom quote by contacting the sales team.

The Org

Employer Branding from The Org on Vimeo.

The Org is a free organizational chart software tool that’s free and easy to use. Build your custom chart on the platform and take a look at The Org’s library of use cases to get inspiration. Use cases include examples from big-name companies, like Tesla, Google, and Amazon. Add behind the scenes photos and outline your company’s values to show new hires why your organization is a great place to work. Employees can also create personal profiles, making it easier for colleagues to get to know each other better. 


Lucidchart is a cloud-based intelligent diagramming application with intuitive, user-friendly features. Create your org chart with the help of your managers and teams with real-time co-authoring, in-editor chat tools, and customized cursors. Use the auto visualization feature to generate a pre-made org chart from a variety of templates. In addition to org charts, Lucidchart is also designed for other charting projects, like process flow charts, project schedules, and mind maps. 

Lucidchart’s free plan includes 3 editable documents, 60 shapes per document, and 100 templates. Upgraded plans start at $7.95 per month.


Charthop’s org chart software is designed to foster connections and build transparency in the workplace. The software keeps track of all changes and additions you make so you can explore historical versions later. Charthop integrates with payroll and applicant tracking software to help you streamline your hiring and onboarding processes. The program also includes sophisticated employee profiles that clearly show demographics and detailed directory information.

Charthop is free for companies under 150 employees. Paid subscriptions start at $2 per employee per month for every employee beyond 150.


Pingboard is a versatile organizational chart software solution that allows business owners to see both a bird’s eye view and detailed information about their company. Pingboard integrates with many of today’s HR and IT enterprise software, which cuts down on manual org chart updates. The program also has a place to internally advertise new job openings to encourage internal promotions and employee referrals. Pingboard also has customizable sharing features so you can set security permissions and share information both internally and externally.  

Pingboard offers a 14-day free trial. After the trial ends, paid plans start at $149 per month.


If your company runs on Salesforce, OrgChartPlus is an add-on application that creates organizational charts and diagrams. Use your employee data already in Salesforce to easily organize your departments and teams. Export your org chart into PowerPoint and Word for easy printing and sharing. OrgChartPlus is user-friendly, allowing for the creation of charts by simple drag and drop features. Because it’s linked to Salesforce, OrgChartPlus also enables org chart creation for your clients and competitors. Pricing begins at $30 per user, per month.

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