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Social Media Shakeup: Texas Forces Influencers To Come Clean On Political Cash

In a move that could reshape influencer marketing practices, the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has implemented a new rule requiring social media influencers to disclose payments received for political content. As the Dallas Express reports, the unanimously approved amendment targets the growing intersection of social media influence and political messaging.

Key points for marketers and creators:

  1. Disclosure Threshold: Influencers must now reveal payments exceeding $100 for political content creation or reposting.
  2. Scope: The rule applies to all social media platforms, closing previous loopholes that allowed undisclosed political messaging.
  3. Industry Impact: This regulation may affect influencer-brand partnerships in the political sphere, potentially altering campaign strategies and content creation processes.
  4. Precedent Setting: As the first state to implement such a rule, Texas may inspire similar regulations elsewhere, potentially leading to nationwide changes in influencer marketing practices for political content.

According to the Dallas Express, the decision comes amidst growing concerns over undisclosed political messaging on social platforms. A 2019 Pew Research study found that 18% of U.S. adults primarily rely on social media for political news. As the average American spends 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on social media, this new regulation could impact how political messages are conveyed and perceived on these platforms.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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