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No Photos, No Videos: Why Text-Based ‘noplace’ Is Challenging X’s Reign

A new social media app called ‘noplace’ is gaining traction among younger users. It offers a text-based platform that combines elements of Twitter and Myspace. According to TechCrunch, the app launched out of invite-only mode on July 3 and has quickly risen to the top of the App Store charts.

Founder and CEO Tiffany Zhong, a former venture capitalist and consumer app analyst, developed noplace to address what she perceives as a need for more genuine social interaction on current platforms. “Everything is just media. It feels very disconnected,” Zhong told TechCrunch.

noplace features customizable profiles where users can share their activities, interests, and status updates. The app includes two feeds: one for friends and another global feed, both displayed in reverse chronological order. Unlike many contemporary social networks, noplace does not support photos or videos, focusing instead on text-based updates.

The platform utilizes AI technology for suggestions and curation but does not algorithmically edit users’ feeds. Instead, it offers AI-generated summaries of missed content. Zhang said moderation is a priority, with the company developing an internal dashboard and dedicating a team to user safety.

noplace has secured significant funding; TechCrunch cites PitchBook data indicating a $15 million Series A1 round at a pre-money valuation of $75 million. Total funding exceeds $19 million, with investors including 776 (founded by Alexis Ohanian) and Forerunner Ventures.

The app is currently available for free on iOS and in read-only mode on the web. Monetization plans have not been announced.

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