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LinkedIn’s New Pages Updates


New LinkedIn Pages Updates

With around 134.5 million daily active users, LinkedIn is a useful resource for both businesses and creators. Its expansive interface and communication features allow users to connect with one another to discuss profitable ventures and opportunities. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss all of LinkedIn Pages updates and highlight how they can help grow your personal brand.

How Does LinkedIn Support Brands?

Although LinkedIn is best known for its wide range of recruitment capabilities, the platform has also helped popular brands see a wealth of engagement. The most prominent example of this is organic traffic. 

Research from Econsultancy found that LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all visits from social media websites to corporate websites. As such, this finding helps us to understand the true potential of LinkedIn and how it can help customers streamline their process from social media to a company’s website. 

What Are LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn Pages are individual platforms that can be used to post updates and content referring to a specific organization, brand, or individual. These pages can be controlled by a collection of admins or select users on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Pages are a key part of LinkedIn’s success as they enable businesses to essentially run their own platform, all within the confines of one app. Thus, brands can post photos, videos, and audio clips to their most devoted customers, without having to share the content across multiple places. 

New LinkedIn Pages Updates


LinkedIn Pages Updates


In September 2022, LinkedIn announced a series of much-awaited updates, one of which was post-scheduling. Users can now draft a post and assign it to be posted at a later date. This can help businesses better refine their strategy to become more competitive and up-to-date in their respective market. However, users can currently only schedule one post at a time. 

Outbound Links on Mobile

Previously, LinkedIn did not allow businesses to add outbound links to their posts. Instead, many resorted to posting external links within the comment section, making their posts seem unclear and less refined. Now, brands can add outbound links to their post by using a conventional hyperlink tag. Users can even embed links into certain images, building a more user-friendly approach. This feature is only available on the mobile app but the platform hopes that it will roll out on desktop soon. 

LinkedIn Collective

In order to create a more dynamic and engaging space for B2B marketers, the platform has created LinkedIn Collective. This is a unique platform that allows B2B brands to come together to discuss industry knowledge and future plans. The Page is actually a LinkedIn Showcase Page, brought to users by industry leaders themselves. 

New LinkedIn Pages Updates


Featured Commitments

Many corporations are now looking to share their goals and values with their customer base as a way to tap into like-minded market segments. The featured commitments update now allows businesses to list up 5 of their most important beliefs in their ‘About’ section. These include: Diversity, equality, inclusion, and work-life balance. 

Document Ads

With the addition of document ads, businesses can now promote a selection of long-form documents and can even secure them behind a downloadable link. Therefore, if your brand has recently produced a white paper, you can link the entire document within a LinkedIn post and track how many people have accessed the link. Thus, this feature offers a wide variety of analytics data for businesses to use as they like. 

New LinkedIn Pages Updates



Although this feature is still in Beta, it shows how LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of other social media platforms such as Clubhouse and Discord. Users can now upload audio clips to their Page, adding a new layer of communication. In turn, this feature can be used for webinars, podcasts, or even just short snippets of longer video content. 


If your Page is being operated by an assortment of admins, the new groups feature can help you communicate with these individuals all at once. This feature operates in the same fashion as a group chat or blog, meaning that admins can post exclusive content to people within their circle. Brands can also use this feature to communicate with specific groups such as other entrepreneurs or potential job candidates. 

Benefits of Using LinkedIn’s Latest Features

LinkedIn’s long list of new updates has the potential to help businesses and influencers, highlighting how these forces can work together to build a collection of successful opportunities. If you are conducting influencer outreach through LinkedIn, the featured commitments capability can help you seek out influencers who are best suited for your brand. Your business can either search for unique creators through these values or influencers can decide whether they are a good fit based on your own corporate values. Therefore, this feature can help us to learn more about the figures we see on LinkedIn and how their regular practices relate to their core values. 

Document ads are a great way for influencers to share their portfolio or media kit as they can also see how many people have accessed this information. This offers creators more insight into the brands they are most associated with, helping them to redefine their personal brand to align with the company’s needs. Furthermore, this feature can also be used by businesses to share important updates that may be too large or extensive to fit into a simple LinkedIn post. 

LinkedIn Collective also highlights the platform’s work to better serve B2B-minded brands. This platform offers a wealth of advice, insights, and communication from some of the world’s biggest thought leaders. Thus, businesses can learn more about the developments of their industries, without losing sight of their B2C goals.

New LinkedIn Pages Updates


The latest LinkedIn Pages updates remind us of how successful and intuitive this platform can be. What was once a humble social media platform has grown into a transformative knowledge hub and job-seeking platform for many businesses and content creators. 

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