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What Does NFS mean on TikTok A guide to Common Acronyms and Slang


What Does NFS Mean On TikTok? A guide To common acronyms And slang  

TikTok acronyms are sometimes super funny and can be thrown around in any and every sentence. NFS is one of them, and it is more of an abbreviated street slang than online jargon 

What does NFS mean on TikTok? 

NFS stands for No Funny Shit and is used to express the seriousness of a specific situation or the level of sincerity of the delivered message. 

Just like in real life conversations, there are many ways to use NFS on TikTok, but the most common is before saying something funny that you want people to take seriously.

How to use NFS on TikTok? 

Aside from having more than one meaning, it can also be used to indicate different things.

NFS can be used at the end of almost any serious sentence to indicate that you mean what you say and aren’t “Playing around.” 

However, if you put “NFS” at the start of a specific sentence, it is a cue to the person you’re directing your speech at not to laugh. 

An example of using NFS in its various positions include:

“NFS I just ran into my real dad, that I’ve never met.”

“The deal we’ve been talking about just closed, and we made 4,000 each NFS” 

It can also be used to clarify that you’re speaking the truth. When someone doen’t believe what you have to say, and asks you “for real?” you can reply by saying “Yeah NFS.”

A good example of using NFS in this case is if someone asked: 

“You for real just got fired for snacking on the clock?” 

You’d reply with: 

“No Funny Shit man, they litterly sent me an email as soon as my shift was over”

Where did NFS come From?

This phrase originated in New York and is commonly spoken slang among locals. The phrase found its way to the internet from hilarious new york street videos and interviews and eventually became a popular acronym that can be used in any situation. 

Examples of using NFS on TikTok

In this TikTok, the creator shortyloveray made a controversial statement that he’s serious about and opened with the NFS acronym to prepare viewers for what they’re about to read.

The creator claims that Apple should make a high-person emoji, a serious matter to consider that may seem extremely funny to others.


Idk does it mean New Friends, No Funny Shii, or No Fkn Shii. Ppl say dif things. I tried to use urban dic too 🤷🏾‍♀️ #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #relatable #nfs #blickblick #nickiminaj #coileray #help #helpme #helpmeplease #slang #urbandictionary

♬ original sound – Chun li 🥷🦄🛸

The perfect explanation of the many ways you can use “NFS” is the creator elaborates on all the different contexts in that acronym can be used in. 

Just like you after reading this article, Lena Rants was confused that one acronym can mean so many different things and captioned her video “Idk does it mean new friends, no funny shit, or no fuckin shit.” 

Our tip to you is analyzing the context in which it was brought up, and now that you know all its different meanings, it will be easier to draw an appropriate conclusion. 

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