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The Impact Of Creator-Led Marketing Being Effective Marketing In The Industry Report By CreatorIQ


The Impact Of Creator-Led Marketing Being Effective Marketing In The Industry Report By CreatorIQ

As content creators continue to grow into pivotal assets for many leading brands, many marketers are seeking out a plethora of influencers to work alongside. To discuss this phenomenon even further, Netinfluencer will detail the main findings described in the Effective Marketing Is Creator-Led report by CreatorIQ.

Who Conducted the Survey?

The Effective Marketing Is Creator-Led report was carried out by CreatorIQ, an intuitive influencer marketing platform that aids businesses in growing and scaling their next campaign. Using a range of streamlined software, this platform focuses on forming strong and professional bonds between brands and their desired creators, helping to further grow the bustling creator economy. 

Alongside its Creator Search and CRM tools, CreatorIQ also offers a plethora of analytics data such as custom-made reports and detailed competitor benchmarking. These tools allow brands to analyze the entire landscape of their respective niches whilst never losing sight of their personal goals. 

Survey Methodology

This report pulls upon an array of qualitative and quantitative data to assess how some of the world’s most prosperous brands are making the most out of creator-led marketing. CreatorIQ discusses corporations such as Tiffany & Co, Crocs, Doritos, and Moet & Chandon, giving readers a more comprehensive overview of how luxury brands are using this ferociously developing trend. 

Each case study gives a short summary of their most successful campaigns and then offers a range of analytics regarding some of their most active social media posts. Thus, Creator IQ has managed to provide a rich report that is also paired with a plethora of empirical evidence to support its claims. 

Three Key Takeaways

This report presents a tremendous assortment of crucial findings, all of which offer a more in-depth look into the inner workings of this unique industry. Described below are just three key takeaways from this report.

  1. Tiffany & Co used a collection of mega-influencers to boost important metrics like Social Media Value (SMV) and engagement. 
  2. 73% of creators see creative control as a very important asset to their work.
  3. Doritos blended a range of social media content to find success in their genre-defining Superbowl Ad. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding within this report focuses on Tiffany & Co, namely its ability to collaborate alongside a range of A-List influencers. In its immense #GotALotOfTiffanyOnMe, the brand relied on best-selling artist Beyonce to promote a collection of luxury jewelry. This campaign also worked to promote her award-winning album Renaissance, showcasing a range of glistening disco balls as well as some of her most popular songs from this album. This vast campaign amassed 4.8 million likes and managed to reach an astonishing 15 million viewers. In turn, this case study exemplifies the value of pairing high-end brands with popular figures and how the two can work together to promote a series of affluent branding techniques. 

The Impact Of Creator-Led Marketing Being Effective Marketing In The Industry Report By CreatorIQ

With regard to Crocs, CreatorIQ informs us that a large majority of influencers prefer to exert high levels of creative control, highlighting the independent nature of this role. On TikTok, Crocs asked four influencers to promote the iconic clogs in whichever way they see fit. This allowed the brand to collect an abundance of diverse content, all of which focused on the individual nature of the shoe and its desire to attract more members of the elusive Gen Z. These creators had an accumulative audience of 22.3 million followers and managed to earn an impressive 1.1 million impressions.

The Impact Of Creator-Led Marketing Being Effective Marketing In The Industry Report By CreatorIQ

Doritos’ success on social media helped to push the brand to the big screen, helping to gain a prime advertisement spot on the 2023 Super Bowl. In the lead-up to the game, Doritos launched its #DoritosTriangleTryout campaign, giving fans the chance to appear in a forthcoming ad. This buzz then helped the brand to create a star-studded television ad, featuring celebrities such as Elton John and Jack Harlow. This advertisement gathered 1.9 million engagements and aided Doritos in becoming a social media-savvy brand. 

The Impact Of Creator-Led Marketing Being Effective Marketing In The Industry Report By CreatorIQ

Link to the Report

The Effective Marketing Is Creator-Led report can be found on CreatorIQ’s website alongside demos of its software and case studies of its successful campaigns. 

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