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LinkedIn Just Tapped This Surprising Partner To Bring More Creators On Board

LinkedIn has partnered with creator marketing agency Whalar Group to pair brands with creators for LinkedIn campaigns, Whalar confirmed for Campaign U.S. Through the new relationship announced in April, Whalar joined LinkedIn’s network of content and creative partners alongside firms like VidMob.

Whalar will match brands with creators to develop campaigns utilizing LinkedIn’s technology and AI tools. The agency will also educate creators on using the professional networking platform effectively. Whalar previously collaborated with LinkedIn, but the partnership was not initiated through a request-for-proposal process.

The agreement arises as public content sharing on LinkedIn grew 24% year-over-year in 2023, according to figures from LinkedIn marketing agency Creator Authority. Over 139,000 new newsletters drove more than 472 million newsletter subscriptions on the platform.

While creators like Coco Mocoe’s largest following exists on other platforms, LinkedIn provides targeted reach to grow her professional brand. “LinkedIn has the people who are tapped into things like…the marketing budgets at brands,” Mocoe said for Campaign, adding that she can quickly publish written content related to her more labor-intensive video posts elsewhere.

Whalar co-founder and co-CEO Neil Waller clarified for Campaign that the partnership’s purpose is “taking creators on a journey to understand how they should show up and tell their business journey and marketing insights,” not making LinkedIn a destination for entertainment content.

While fewer creators currently leverage LinkedIn compared to other social media, Waller believes this elevates the value of those voices until more adopt the platform. However, with lower initial demand for LinkedIn creator campaigns, creator compensation rates will be relatively lower before increasing as performance data accumulates and more brands invest.

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