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How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program


Access LinkedIn Accelerator Program

With an impressive 58 million companies currently operating on LinkedIn, it is no surprise that the platform has quickly become a highly sought-after asset for many influencers. LinkedIn can help a variety of content creators show off their skills in a professional and cohesive way. Now, the platform has broadened its search for new talent, building a program to help growing influencers see more success within the creator economy. Here, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Accelerator Program. 

What Is the LinkedIn Accelerator Program?

After seeing incredible success in India and the UK, the LinkedIn Accelerator Program has finally arrived in the US. The program offers a 6-week course that covers all of the basic elements of successful marketing practices. There are also a few opportunities to gain financial rewards and access to beta tools.

In 2021, LinkedIn invested $25 million into this program and saw a large number of applicants. This year, the platform hopes to secure over 200 new members and offer grants of up to $12,000. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program


How Do I Join the Program?

Potential creators were asked to fill out a form listed on the LinkedIn For Creators’ profile. This account also collates a wide variety of new opportunities within the platform, particularly in the technology and innovation sector. There is also a Creator Weekly newsletter that updates members on new ventures and potential openings on new programs. 

What Is Included in the Course?

Over the course of six weeks, creators will have access to a varied plethora of educational resources. Each module will uncover new ways in which influencers can gain more engagement on their LinkedIn content. For example, they will learn how to build an effective B2B marketing campaign and bring their intuitive visions to life. 

Accepted candidates will also receive aid from the experienced LinkedIn team, creating a mentorship for all influencers. There is also the chance to earn monetary support for these campaigns as well as priority access to LinkedIn’s latest developments. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program


Who Are Some of the Creators Involved?

Adrion Porter

As the creator of the FabulousOver40 Spotlight Series, Adrion Porter supports the growth and success of Gen Xers. Porter had over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry before making the jump into the world of personal coaching. From here, this LinkedIn creator has worked alongside The Institute of Coaching, The Executive Leadership Council, and the Atlanta Hawks, helping individuals from around the world find the confidence to achieve their dreams. Adrion Porter also produces a lot of written content for LinkedIn, providing valuable insight on how age diversity is positively impacting our global workforce. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Alison McCauley

Alison McCauley is a best-selling author, known best for her book Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business. This influencer has been delving into the alluring world of Web3, learning more about how these next-level concepts will change human behavior and popular culture. She also works in a variety of other sectors, offering her expertise in IoT, AI, and machine learning.  McCauley shares her work through a variety of online courses, enrolling over 70,000 students to date. She was also voted as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in 2022, highlighting her devotion and engagement with her audience. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Brian K. Fung

Blending the developing worlds of computer engineering and pharmaceuticals, Brian K. Fung is the Health Data Architect for Verily. Alongside his full-time job, Fung is also an experienced content creator, producing blog articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos for his audience to enjoy. His mixture of scientific and creative skills has also led him to become an experienced consultant, helping others to see success in the pharmacy industry and beyond. Brian K. Fung also uses LinkedIn to share analytical pieces on US politics, education, and personal growth. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Carlynn Greene

With 767.9K followers on TikTok, Carlynn Greene works hard to help other students earn high-end scholarships. Together with her career as a content creator, Greene graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in journalism. She has even gained 30 scholarships for herself, including roles at the Walt Disney Company and The Wall Street Journal. Greene has managed to build an empire around her skillset, founding Scholarship Guru to promote her range of courses and testimonies to her success. Her personal gains have not gone unnoticed as she claims to have graduated in Spring 2021 completely debt free. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Chase Griffin

Chase Griffin is a successful student-athlete at the University of California, showcasing his amazing skills as a Quarterback. Despite his talents in the sport, Griffin is also dominating the worlds of entrepreneurship and investment. He has recently joined the Dorm Room Fund as a Blueprint Investor Track, helping other leaders in education find support for their business ventures. Griffin has also collaborated with iconic brands such as Degree to encourage other college athletes to overcome difficult boundaries within their field. Chase Griffin also has a growing YouTube channel where he shares updates from his Master’s Degree at UCLA with his 1.09K subscribers. 

How To Access The LinkedIn Accelerator Program

Benefits of Joining the LinkedIn Accelerator Program

The LinkedIn Accelerator Program signifies that many social media platforms are looking to better support the growth of their influencers. This program can also help influencers to find others who operate in their field. As such, this program is a great way to network with other creatives and work to produce new and profitable collaboration opportunities

In addition, the financial benefits that accompany this program can also help nano influencers boost their profiles. The grants that are on offer can help creators plan, build, and implement an array of marketing campaigns without affecting their personal finances. Therefore, this can give small creators a good head start on boosting their engagement across all of their active platforms. 

If you have found success on other social media platforms, the LinkedIn Accelerator Program can help you enter a new market. Many people only use LinkedIn for job searching purposes or to list their professional milestones. However, this platform can be used to share updates, insights, and even services with a very active and engaged audience. As a result, LinkedIn can support creators in building new revenue streams and follower bases. 

The LinkedIn Accelerator Program offers a wide selection of prosperous opportunities for multiple creators, highlighting the growth of the influencer marketing industry as a whole. This program provides access to invaluable tools and resources, which can help influencers of any size see tremendous success. To learn more about building a devoted audience on social media, visit our website

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