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Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch Charity


Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch

Social media is often seen as an effective way to raise money for charities across the globe. Data from Empower Agency informs us that 43% of individuals become aware of fundraising events in their communities due to their presence on social media. Although Twitch is mostly known for its video game content, the platform has now launched a new set of features to enable better fundraising practices for streamers to use. Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about Twitch Charity as well as how to create your own fundraising stream.

What Is Twitch Charity?

In July 2022, Twitch announced the launch of Twitch Charity, a new mode that allows streamers to benefit good causes in a much easier fashion. Although this feature is currently in its Beta phase, Twitch hopes to roll it out further in the next coming month.

Twitch Charity is associated with PayPal, meaning that creators can use the PayPal Giving Fund to directly send donations to a large assortment of registered organizations. Previously, streamers were forced to use external platforms such as Tiltify to redirect donations to the chosen charity’s page. 

Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch Charity


How To Produce a Fundraising Stream on Twitch

  1. Decide on your chosen charity.
  2. Produce a donation goal for your audience to strive towards.
  3. Create a content schedule to attract audiences to your stream. 
  4. Choose an appropriate fundraising platform.
  5. Conduct your charity live stream and make your fundraising efforts transparent to your audience.
  6. Once the funds have been donated, it is good practice to collect a receipt to prove to your audience that the charity has received the money on your behalf. 

Does Twitch Charity Take a Cut?

Currently, the platform has said that Twitch Charity will not take any cuts from these fundraising streams. As such, creators will be able to donate the exact amount they have raised. Moreover, due to its partnership with PayPal, streamers will automatically receive proof of their donation via a receipt. PayPal also allows streamers to track their donations on its own analytics dashboard. 

Twitch Charity works alongside a range of acclaimed bodies such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the World Wildlife Fund, meaning that audiences can donate to positive causes no matter where they are located in the world. 

Types of Fundraising Options

Twitch has gathered a range of fundraising options for streamers to use, ensuring that they can gain the best possible outcome from their charity streams. Described below are just a few ways streamers can gain more donations on Twitch.


Streamers are encouraged to use fundraising goals to help give their community a sense of guidance and collectivism. Twitch notes that this can be offered via a single number or other engaging practices. For example, a streamer could set a standard goal of $1000 or set a number of goals depending on their stream. Thus, for every $100 raised, a creator could give a shoutout to 5 audience members. All of these practices are good incentives to push audiences to continue donating or even keep engaging with the stream. 


If you are looking to conduct multiple charity streams across a number of weeks, then milestones may be more appropriate. This option allows streamers to set a number of fundraising goals in order to reach the final donation amount. Creators could achieve this in a number of ways such as setting a goal of $500 for six weeks. On the other hand, users could set a collection of sub-goals in one charity stream to help the goal seem more attainable. It can also be helpful to raise the goal each time to help create a sense of determination and urgency. 

Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch Charity



Incentives are small rewards that praise audiences for their dedication to the fundraising stream. These perks can be virtual such as playing a highly requested game on stream or physical such as sending free merchandise to select viewers. Again, these acts can help promote your stream further and help you to receive more donations as well as engagement. However, it is important that you use appropriate incentives and do not violate the boundaries between a content creator and their audience. 

How to Gain More Attention on Your Charity Stream

Although Twitch is an incredibly competitive platform, there are a few things you can do to increase traction on your charity streams. Firstly, it is important that you make your audience aware of your charity stream ahead of time. You can do this by promoting the stream on your other social media platform or announcing it on other streams. This can help educate your audience on the charity beforehand and shines a light on the importance of donating to that particular cause. 

Twitch also allows creators to add moderators to their streams, helping to create a positive and amicable environment at all times. Make sure you recruit trusted members of your community who can help deter and eliminate any inappropriate behavior that may occur whilst you are fundraising. The platform also has an AutoMod feature that can detect harmful language and send it directly to moderators for review. All of these features can help build a sense of safety within your audience, giving them a larger incentive to donate to your cause. 

It is also very important that your charity stream adheres to Twitch’s collection of Community Guidelines. Ensure that you have read and understood them before conducting your stream to avoid any chance of your work being flagged or removed. Users should also review PayPal’s terms of service as a way to make sure that they can receive donations in an accurate and timely manner. If any of these practices seem too difficult, consider using a fundraising platform that you are more familiar with to avoid any issues. 

Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch Charity


Although many influencers are using their content as a personal revenue stream, many individuals also use social media to promote good causes. Twitch Charity is a positive step in helping more creators to conduct safe and impactful fundraising events. In turn, influencers can now use their established platforms to help the organizations that are closest to their hearts. To learn more about boosting engagement on Twitch, visit our website

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Creating Fundraising Streams With Twitch Charity