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All of LinkedIn’s New Analytics Tools


All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools

Research shows that 98% of content marketers use LinkedIn to support their B2B campaigns and lead generations. This success highlights the detailed nature of LinkedIn’s features, allowing marketers to truly tap into their desired market. In order to maintain this high number of users, the platform has released a series of useful tools. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about the LinkedIn analytics tools

All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools

Why Are LinkedIn Analytics So Important?

LinkedIn analytics can be used in a plethora of different ways and are vital to the success of your business. This data allows brands to delve deeper into the demographics of their target market, helping them to redefine their content strategy to better suit the needs of these consumers. 

The platform can also be a key tool in a brand’s influencer outreach strategy. Due to the comprehensive nature of these accounts, brands can discover more about their chosen influencer, such as their past work experience, and what type of content they post onto the platform. Thus, LinkedIn can offer a richer profile of an influencer, helping businesses to select the most appropriate creator for their next campaign. 

All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools

For influencers, LinkedIn can be a great way to show off your more professional attributes especially if you are actively seeking out profitable brand deals. This platform encourages users to describe their greatest successes, meaning that influencers can explain their merits without referring to their other active social media platforms. 

All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools


How Can You Access Your Analytics?

In order to view your post analytics on LinkedIn, you must first select the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your homepage. This is symbolized by your profile picture. Under the ‘Manage’ heading, you must choose the ‘Posts & Activity’ tab.

You will then be directed to your personal analytics dashboard. Here, you can monitor the success of your content based on articles, posts, and documents. When you have found the post you would like to view, click on the ‘View Analytics’ link at the bottom-right of the page. 

It should be mentioned that personal profiles do not allow users to see certain analytics after 180 days. 

What New Analytics Are Available?

Follower Growth

One of the latest tools that LinkedIn has to offer is Follower Growth. This allows users to see the number of followers they have received over a certain time frame such as over the past 7 days. Thus, this gives influencers the knowledge to redirect their content strategy to keep appeasing key audience members around the world. 


Users can also discover more about their top demographics by filtering this data by job title. Thus, influencers can track how many talent managers or recruiters have followed their profile. Creators can also discover what companies are viewing their profiles and where they are based.

Top-Performing Posts

LinkedIn now allows users to view their three top-performing posts based on a variety of metrics. For example, creators can see what posts were most successful based on impressions or engagements, giving them a more exhaustive view of how their followers are relating to their content.

Moreover, users can also learn more about the success of their content over the course of a selected date range. To view this, you must click the ‘show more’ tab, which will present the posts in date order. 

Updated Exporting

Influencers can also export this data in a range of formats. This can help them to manage their audience analytics and showcase it in a way that is digestible and clear to a range of potential brand sponsors. 

All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools


How Can This Data Benefit Influencers?

LinkedIn analytics upgrade gives influencers the power to learn more about their audience, particularly the businesses that are seeking new creators to collaborate with. This data encourages influencers to reach out to potential brand partners and formulate a plan for future sponsorships or projects. As such, these tools offer influencers the chance to make the first move and secure a range of revenue streams. 

Influencers can now view the nuances of their follower base in both a qualitative and qualitative way. The Follower Growth tool presents a user’s data in a small chart and shows the percentage increase or decrease of their growth. This is useful for influencers who are trying to boost their engagement on LinkedIn as it helps them to better understand whether their new content strategy is working. 

The fact that influencers can now export this data to their personal device means that they can share their success wherever they are. As such, this can help influencers to present their metrics in unlikely situations, making them more competitive against others in their niche. Moreover, this data can be added to various media kits, showcasing a creator’s work across all of their active platforms. 

All About The LinkedIn Analytics Tools


LinkedIn Analytics Tools highlight its attempts to become more user-friendly and support the needs of many businesses. However, these tools can also be used by influencers to track their performance on the platform and give them insight into the brands that may be interested in beginning an influencer marketing campaign. 

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