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How to Protect Your Brand Reputation With LinkedIn Audience Network


How to Protect Your Brand Reputation With LinkedIn Audience Network

Data from 2021 informs us that LinkedIn is 227% more effective at lead generation than other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For brands, this highlights LinkedIn’s impressive ability to captivate potential customers and partners. However, just like any other social media platform, it is vital that businesses practice good form and protect their image at all costs. Therefore, Netinfluencer will showcase the benefits of using the new LinkedIn Audience Network. 

What Is the LinkedIn Audience Network?

In collaboration with LinkedIn Ads, the LinkedIn Audience Network is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to promote their campaigns across a wealth of third-party publishers and members. The platform promises to only share your campaign with a collection of safe and approved sites, ensuring that your content is not falling into the wrong hands. 

Using a collection of approved publishers, the LinkedIn Audience Network aims to help brands upscale their operations with confidence and protection. Thus, the platform offers the same engagement as a social media platform but with an added layer of safety.

It also states that the LinkedIn Audience Network offers 25% more reach with your desired audience. This helps your business to better influence its audience, helping you to become more competitive and dynamic within your respective market. 

How to Protect Your Brand Reputation With LinkedIn Audience Network


Why Was It Launched?

The LinkedIn Audience Network was created to help support B2B businesses in their market research and campaign performances. The platform notes that the top 5 segments that marketers are targeting are active on LinkedIn. Thus, this feature intends to aid businesses in reaching these individuals across LinkedIn and their most active sites. 

LinkedIn also wishes to make its campaigns more effective, particularly as the world of social media becomes more competitive. By extending the reach and life of its most successful campaigns, both businesses and LinkedIn are able to tap into lucrative markets, even when the customers are not using the platform.

This platform also allows users to specifically highlight important figures in the business landscape such as decision-makers, buyers, and purchase influencers. In turn, LinkedIn ads can now arrive where they are needed most, helping businesses to achieve the desired results from their advertising campaign. 

How Does the Platform Work?

LinkedIn Audience Network Publishers

The main component of the LinkedIn Audience Network is its publishers, a list of URLs that are approved to share your content on its site. Users can download the complete list of publishers, where they can gain more information about the business and its performance. Brands can also analyze the list of third-party apps that are also able to promote content. 

Allow Lists and Block Lists

LinkedIn also hosts an intuitive Brand Safety Hub, a separate platform that enables businesses to prioritize certain publishers in order to gain the best results. Users can also block inappropriate sites to ensure that their campaign is meeting essential safety guidelines. 

In order to better refine their reach, brands can also use IAB Tech Lab, which is an acclaimed organization that produces a wealth of global technical standards and solutions to help create a more productive digital advertising industry. 

Therefore, you can utilize category-blocking features to ensure that your campaign is not getting lost in audiences that do not meet your target market. These features can be implemented during the creation of your campaign, meaning that they will be devised with these restrictions in mind. 

Brand Suitability via DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify is a popular platform that aims to uphold the quality and authenticity of advertising in the digital age. The LinkedIn Audience Network works in partnership with this tool to make sure that your content is consistently relevant and suitable for its third-party publishers. 

Users can now import DoubleVerify Authentic Brand Suitability and Custom Contextual solutions across their LinkedIn Audience Network campaigns. This means that they can easily check whether a third-party publisher or app is aligned with their corporate values. 

How to Protect Your Brand Reputation With LinkedIn Audience Network


How to Access the LinkedIn Audience Network

  1. Sign in to your personal Campaign Manager account.
  2. Build a Sponsored Content Campaign.
  3. Select either ‘Single Image Ad’, ‘Carousel Image Ad’, or ‘Video Ad’ from the Ad Format section.
  4. Access the Placements tab and select the checkbox to enable the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  5. Finalize the campaign creation.

Benefits of Using the LinkedIn Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network highlights a positive shift in social media advertising and allows businesses to promote their content with ease. Now that campaigns can be shared across a wealth of safe sites, brands are more likely to see an influx of engagement and reach. This eliminates the need to liaise with other advertisers or share your work through other means such as guest blogging. 

This platform also allows users to create a variety of shareable work such as carousels and video ads. As such, this content can be placed on other sites and platforms without having to be edited or resized. In turn, the LinkedIn Audience Network is capable of building viral content that is versatile and easy to digest. 

Businesses also gain access to a wide assortment of performance metrics both with the LinkedIn Audience Network tool and without it. Thus, brands can analyze how their campaign performed with the use of these features and without, allowing them to compare and contrast the effectiveness of their approved lists. As a result, this encourages brands to consistently update and transform their collection of third-party platforms to ensure that their campaign is reaching its fullest potential. 

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The LinkedIn Audience Network gives brands more control over how their campaigns are viewed. In turn, this offers businesses more insights into the workings of their audiences and provides them with the tools to gain more engagement and success in many dynamic markets. 

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