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How to Make a Discord Server for Your Followers


How to Make a Discord Server for Your Followers

Discord’s usage has tripled since 2019, growing from 56 million to 150 million in 2022. Many influencers use this platform to build a cohesive environment for their followers, helping to build a community that they can all enjoy. Yet, despite its growing popularity, many are not aware of the capabilities of this platform. As such, Netinfluencer discusses the history of Discord and how to make a discord server for your followers with ease.

What Is Discord?

Launched in May 2015, Discord is a voice, video, and text chat platform that can be used to communicate in private chats known as servers. In a similar vein to Skype, as well as more professional platforms like Slack, Discord is intended to help users interact with each other through a variety of forms. 

Alongside the communication tools, users can also post pictures, videos, and GIFs on their servers, creating a more comprehensive social media platform. Discord has also seen a tremendous amount of growth in revenue. In 2020, the company managed to earn an impressive $130 million, which is an 188% increase year-on-year.

How to Make a Discord Server for Your Followers


How Is the Platform Used?

Although Discord markets itself as a platform that can be used for any type of community, it is mainly used by avid gamers. These individuals often use the platform to discuss the nuances of the latest video game releases and make new friends with similar interests.

It also presents a range of live streaming capabilities. Users can select the Go Live option, meaning that they can connect with their audience via text and voice chat, whilst also sharing their screen. Thus, Discord can be used to stream gameplay in a more controlled environment in comparison to networks like Twitch and YouTube.

With regard to influencers, Discord can be used to bring some of your most devoted followers together. Some study influencers use Discord to create a server that is filled with educational tips and tricks, whereas some art influencers use it to share creative inspiration with their followers. 

How To Create a Discord Server

  1. Open the latest version of Discord on either mobile or desktop.
  2. Sign in to your personal Discord account.
  3. Once you reach the home page, click the plus symbol that is located on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Select the ‘Create a Server’ option.
  5. Choose a name for your new Discord server and then click ‘Create’
  6. Your Discord Server is now complete. From here, you can begin adding selected individuals to join your platform. 

Best Practices for Building a Safe Platform for Your Followers

One of the biggest benefits of using Discord is its wide range of safety features. These can be used to ensure that your followers remain safe and respectful of each other at all times. The creator of the Discord server can implement a safe direct messaging feature to help filter out any unwanted messages or content. Discord does this by using an assortment of AI tools to help scan and eliminate any explicit media content. Therefore, influencers can select the Keep Me Safe feature to help secure their privacy online. 

The platform also showcases a few blocking and reporting tools to aid users in getting rid of harmful content. Influencers can block DMs from other members by accessing the setting in their individual servers. They can also block users within a live chat feed by simply clicking on the negative user’s name and choosing the block button at the bottom of the screen.

Discord allows users to report others via a request form. This feature works by letting users submit a ticket to the platform’s safety team. They can even personalize the form so that it is more catered to the issues that they are facing. 

How to Make a Discord Server for Your Followers


Benefits of Building a Discord Server for Your Fan Base

A Discord Server can allow your followers to communicate freely, helping them to discuss and appreciate your content to a much larger extent. A Server can also be used as a perk, especially for paying subscribers. Platforms such as YouTube and Patreon allow influencers to introduce rewards and bonuses for their most devoted and paying followers. Therefore, an exclusive Discord Server can help these followers to feel more connected to their favorite creators and others in the community. 

Discord is also a very popular platform, meaning that many people will have a good understanding of how it works. In turn, this can help more of your followers to feel comfortable with the workings of the site and feel more inclined to join. Your followers now have the chance to be a part of a unique gathering without the intimidation of using a new platform.

The platform also offers a paid subscription service known as Discord Nitro. This allows creators to upload bigger files and stream in HD. In addition, this service provides a range of benefits that can be applied to your followers such as custom emojis and profile badges that signify how long a person has been in a server. You can even gift a Nitro subscription, meaning that your fans can incentivize your work in new ways. This subscription costs $9.99 or $99.99 for a full year. 

How to Make a Discord Server for Your Followers


Discord is an ideal platform for influencers looking to offer new benefits to their most devoted fans as well as build an avid sense of community. The versatile nature of the platform also means that it can be used for influencers of any size and in any niche. To discover more about building a large following on social media, visit our website

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