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Social Messaging Platform Discord Is Pushing Targeted In-App Ads In A Bid for Revenue


Social Messaging Platform Discord Is Pushing Targeted In-App Ads In A Bid for Revenue  

Social messaging platform Discord, initially designed for gamers, has revealed its intention to include advertisements this week. The move aims to diversify the company’s revenue streams beyond its existing subscription-based Nitro service.

Jason Citron, chief executive of Discord. PHOTO: DAVID PAUL MORRIS/BLOOMBERG NEWS

According to The Wall Street Journal, Discord will commence displaying ads from game studios and developers to its user base. These promotions will leverage the platform’s Sponsored Quest system, where users can complete in-game tasks while their friends spectate via the app, earning rewards upon completion. Discord intends to hire over a dozen personnel to facilitate this advertising initiative.

The ads target users based on their gameplay habits, age, and location, appearing in the bottom left corner of the screen, Discord’s Senior Vice President of Product, Peter Sellis, told the WSJ. 

Streamers must accomplish advertiser-provided in-game objectives while at least one friend watches to qualify for rewards. Viewers can also participate in their own Quests to earn rewards simultaneously.

Since its launch in 2015, Discord has experienced substantial growth, particularly during the pandemic, amassing over 200 million monthly active users as of March 2023. While initially relying solely on its Nitro subscription service for revenue – offering enhanced features like increased upload bandwidth, custom emojis, and server boosts – the company has refrained from using advertisements until now.

Discord has previously explored acquisition opportunities, with reported discussions in 2021 involving Microsoft for a potential $10 billion deal, as well as interest from Amazon and Epic Games. However, the company ultimately retained its independence and raised an additional $500 million in funding at a $15 billion valuation.

As Discord ventures into the advertising realm, it aims to capitalize on its extensive user base while maintaining its core functionality as a social messaging platform for gamers and beyond.

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