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[REPORT] Emotion Drives Brand Memory: New Research Uncovers The Secret To Influencer Marketing Success

Influencer, a marketing agency specializing in creator partnerships, has released new research demonstrating the effectiveness of emotional engagement in influencer marketing campaigns. The study, conducted in collaboration with measurement firm Element Human, analyzed data from 9,200 respondents across 50 tests involving 17 brands in various sectors.

Among the key takeaways, the research found that creator content significantly boosts brand awareness, with an average increase of 50% and peaks of up to 204% in the most successful campaigns. Unaided awareness has seen an even more dramatic rise, with average uplifts of 245% and top-of-mind awareness increasing by 282%.

[REPORT] Emotion Drives Brand Memory: New Research Uncovers The Secret To Influencer Marketing Success

According to the study, the key to these impressive results lies in the emotional impact of creator content. On average, 12% of the audience displayed an emotion throughout the content, with peak emotional responses reaching 33%. The most effective content elicited emotional responses from up to 59% of viewers on average, with peak emotional engagement reaching 99% in some cases.

[REPORT] Emotion Drives Brand Memory: New Research Uncovers The Secret To Influencer Marketing Success

The research indicates that sustained emotional engagement is crucial for brand success. For every additional five seconds of heightened emotional intensity, the study reported:

  • A 4% increase in brand trust
  • A 1.7% increase in perceived brand quality
  • A 2% boost in brand memory
  • A 4% uplift in brand consideration

Attention metrics also played a significant role in the effectiveness of creator content. The study found that audiences spend an average of 13.8 seconds viewing creator content in their social media feeds. This level of attention correlated with substantial increases in brand awareness, with 31% of viewers mentioning the advertised brand unprompted after exposure and 22% saying it was their top-of-mind choice.

Influencer’s analysts also examined creator content’s subconscious impact through Implicit Association Tests. These tests revealed significant increases in positive brand associations and decreases in negative associations across various brand traits:

  • Authenticity: 18% increase in positive association, 36% decrease in negative association
  • High Quality: 22% increase in positive association, 28% decrease in negative association
  • Relevance: 19% increase in positive association, 20% decrease in negative association
  • Trustworthiness: 21% increase in positive association, 37% decrease in negative association

These subconscious associations drove consumer action. The study noted that increased association with relevance boosts brand consideration, while authenticity enhances purchase intent. Association with quality improved both consideration and purchase intent.

[REPORT] Emotion Drives Brand Memory: New Research Uncovers The Secret To Influencer Marketing Success

The research also highlighted the effectiveness of creator content across the marketing funnel. On average, the study reports:

  • 43% increase in brand favorability
  • 38% increase in brand consideration
  • 40% uplift in purchase intent
  • 37% increase in the likelihood of a recommendation

Influencer’s report emphasized crafting content that generates sustained emotional reactions. Successful influencer marketing campaigns require a deep understanding of the target audience, careful selection of creators, and the development of compelling narratives with emotional triggers.

The study included case studies demonstrating these principles in action. For instance, a campaign for Health-Ade kombucha tea featuring creator @courtneysarracino on TikTok achieved a 645% increase in top-of-mind awareness and a 220% boost in perceived trustworthiness. Another campaign for Costa Coffee, showcasing content from @the_bakeking on Instagram, resulted in a 51% increase in top-of-mind awareness and a 44% uplift in purchase intent. You can find the full report here.

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