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2023 Influencer Compensation Report By Intellifluence


Intellifluence Report on 2023 Influencer Compensation

With 89% of marketers looking to maintain their influencer marketing investments across 2023, it is vital that these avid content creators are paid in accordance with their market value. To delve into this topic further, Netinfluencer will give a comprehensive overview of the 2023 Influencer Compensation Report by Intellifluence. 

Who Conducted the Survey?

The 2023 Influencer Compensation Report was carried out by Intellifluence, a diverse marketing platform that aims to help brands collaborate with some of the finest influencers on the market. This platform collates a vast selection of influencer profiles, which brands can search through in order to find the best match for their next campaign. It also allows senior figures to track their campaign from start to finish, giving them complete control over their success and prosperity. 

Previously, Intellifluence has worked alongside GhostBed to craft an incredibly engaging and thought-provoking campaign. The brand used a plethora of diverse influencer reviews to help tap into new market segments and become more competitive in this deeply bustling and dynamic industry. Overall, GhostBed saw a 15% increase in traffic as well as 3x ROI, highlighting Intellifluence’s ability to pair brands with suitable and effective influencers with ease. 

Survey Methodology

In order to collect the findings for this report, Intellifluence relied on 1,700 influencers from across the US, Canada, and the UK. Each candidate was asked to complete a simple questionnaire to help express how much they earn based on their follower count and engagement rate. 

Moreover, the platform encouraged content creators to state what they believe their work would be worth if they saw an increase in followers. As such, this report offers a unique insight into the future of this industry and how it plans to become more profitable over the next few years. 

Three Key Takeaways

The 2023 Influencer Compensation Report displays a wealth of crucial findings, all of which can be combined to give us a unique outlook on the future of influencer marketing. Described below are just three key takeaways from the entire report. 

  1. Bloggers expect to charge nearly 50% more for their work next year, compared to their current earnings. 
  2. Influencers on Twitter now believe that their content is worth much more than it did in 2021.
  3. Smaller creators on YouTube are more likely to charge more for their content once they reach the coveted 1,000,000 subscriber count. 

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding is centered around blogging, a medium that focuses on the competitive nature of keyword rankings. Intellifluence refers to Domain Authority (DA), a metric that helps businesses better predict where their website will rank on various search engine pages. For a 500-800 word blog post with a DA score of over 50, the average blogger usually charges around $260.15. However, these bloggers hope to increase their price to $387.76, indicating that they believe that SEO ranking is a pivotal aspect of this medium and is well worth the additional cost. This finding also leads us to believe that bloggers are more focused on monetizing the SEO side of their content, rather than the actual words themselves. 

2023 Influencer Compensation Report By Intellifluence

Though Twitter is often commended for its vast selection of short-form content, influencers are still increasing their prices across the platform. Even influencers with less than 1,000 followers still expect to be paid an average of $61.30 for a standard Twitter campaign. Intellifluence displays a collection of anecdotes from influencers such as Edli N., who has 27 followers, and believes that the platform has the ability to reach a diverse audience on a global scale, offering brands the chance to increase their ROI exponentially. 

2023 Influencer Compensation Report By Intellifluence

The final finding within this report explores how an engaged audience on YouTube can lead to influencers increasing their regular prices. Those with less than 1,000 subscribers can expect to earn $20.37, compared to those who have 100 million subscribers, who usually earn over $500,000 for each campaign. These prices differ significantly and indicate that influencers truly value the communities they have built on this platform and believe that their engagement and attention are worth a high level of income. This also encourages brands to carry out more campaigns on YouTube as they can also observe the high levels of traffic that come to the site every day. 

2023 Influencer Compensation Report By Intellifluence

Link to the Report

The 2023 Influencer Compensation Report can be found on Intellifluence’s website alongside a plethora of case studies and informative blog articles. 

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