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Scotland Is Taking Tourism To Social Media Platforms And Tapping Influencers


Scotland Is Taking Tourism To Social Media Platforms And Tapping Influencers

Scotland is shifting its tourism marketing strategy from physical visitor information centers to digital platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and online travel agencies. National tourism organization Visit Scotland announced it’s shuttering its remaining 25 visitor centers over the next two years as part of this digital-first approach.

“Our greatest opportunity to influence people to come to Scotland, stay longer, spend more, and go off the beaten track is to provide information before they arrive,” Vicki Miller, Visit Scotland’s Director of Marketing and Digital, told Skift. The organization aims to make its content more discoverable on social media, travel sites, and search engines like Google.

As travelers increasingly use video platforms like TikTok and YouTube for trip planning, Visit Scotland plans to enhance video production, partner with more creators, and encourage user-generated content. “We’ve just got to continue being flexible and agile as channels evolve,” Miller stated.

The pandemic accelerated this digital pivot. Before COVID-19, Scotland had 126 visitor centers, thoughvdiscussions were underway to close some as usage declined. By late 2023, over 50% of U.S. travelers used social media, search engines, or hotel websites for planning, according to Skift Research.

Not everyone supports closing the physical centers, which provide maps, guides, souvenirs, and local expertise. “Some are disappointed due to concerns around information provision,” said Marc Crothall of the Scottish Tourism Alliance. However, he acknowledged “travelers aren’t using these taxpayer-funded centers anymore.”

Visit Scotland will transfer ownership of closed centers to local communities or sell them. Communities may reopen the facilities with added services, as Loch Ness did by creating an information-services hub after its center closed previously.

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